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The Headmaster's Headache by Matthew Jenner

A hilarious comedy farce about a principal of a public school and his struggles to keep it in good order or it will collapse

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

Cameron, a 16-year-old slacker whose somewhat dysfunctional family has just about given up on him, as perhaps he himself has, when his diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jacob, “mad cow” disease, reunites them, if too late. The heart of the story, though, is a hallucinatory—or is it?—quest with many parallels to the hopeless but inspirational efforts of Don Quixote, about whom Cameron had been reading before his illness. Just like the crazy—or was he?—Spaniard, Cam is motivated to go on a journey by a sort of Dulcinea. His pink-haired, white-winged version goes by Dulcie and leads him to take up arms against the …

Two Of Us! by April-Chan Valentine

Two best friends meet one day and become friends then and like do heaps of fun things… Like: Getting the high score on Pin Ball at the local Arcade at the movies. Picking up random Jelly that t hey think is glass. making up their own language. Becomming obsest with Asians and then soon to become otakus… Etc… They then go on a road trip up to Hamilton and get lost in the windy mountains of south Taupo… the car breaks down and theyer left with nothing but a pile of weed. They smoke it and imagine a Dragon takes …

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