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The Love Bug by Disney, Amazon Studios, Mandeville Films, Annapurna Pictures, and Reliance Entertainment

The story begins with the young man (Shia LaBeouf) and his father (Robert Downey, Jr.) lives in the house of New York City and they moved to San Francisco, California before he met the teenage girl (Emma Watson) but encounters a gang of bullies who make his life a living hell. Until he refused to moved in the city of San Francisco. He ran off to the car shop and sits on the bench until a strange Volkswagen Beetle with a unusual problem: it tends to drive on its own, as if it were sentient. The young man sees the …

Mortal Kombat Trilogy by Midway Games


Enter the Dragon by Robert Clouse

a Remake of Enter the dragon

DOA 2: Dead or Alive Hardcore by J.F. Lawton, Adam Gross, Seth Gross (Screenplay), Tomonobu Itagaki, Team Ninja (Characters)

My idea for a sequel to the much-maligned 2006 film “DOA: Dead or Alive”, the film version of the hit fighting game series. Helena Douglas, now the C.E.O. of her father's company DOATEC after defeating Victor Donovan, travels to Japan to survey the branch of the company located there, overseen by scientist Dr. Lisa Hamilton. Really, this is just a guise to reunite with the half-sister she has just discovered the existence of, Kokoro. Kokoro is training as a geisha, but knowing that she is also studying Ba Ji Quan with the desire to become a famous martial artist, Helena …

Killer Instinct by Rare

When weapons company Ultratech decides to hold an MMA style tournament to crown a World Champion of Fighting, it captures the attention of the world.

Killer Instinct by Rare

When weapons company Ultratech decides to hold an MMA style tournament to crown a World Champion of Fighting, it captures the attention of the world.

Super Smash Bros. by Nintendo, Project Sora, and HAL Laboratory, Inc.

When a group of classic Nintendo characters meet for the first time, they discover the map of an ancient tournament known as “Super Smash Bros.” that existed long before humans ever came to exist. They participate and fight not only each other just for fun, but decoys of famous Nintendo antagonists. But they then discover that the tournament was just the set-up for the Ancient Minister of a world not of ours to take control of the universe and have every living thing destroy each other by fighting to the death. With the help of others, the Nintendo characters go …

Unreal Tournament (2014) by Based on the video game from Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

In an violent future an professional warrior takes part in a corporation owned gladiatorial tournament where warriors fight to the death in a spectacle of violence and bloodshed, when the government legalizes violent fights.

Fight by David N. White and Gavin O'Connor

Quint, a college graduate, doesn't have most stuff in life going for him. He was the fith of seven children in a house with arguing parents that could've done better. He was disqualified from wrestling at state due to a knee injury. He also became a teen father at age 17 and has little to no custody of his child. His parents and most of his family didn't support him during this time. And to top it off he is living in college debt. 2 1/2 years later, he tries to commit suicide, but doesn't because he is overcome with …

Street Fighter by Based on the video game by Capcom

An idea for a Street Fighter movie that is more faithful to the video games than the previous two piece of shit live-action movies. This goes more for the Mortal Kombat 1995 route by sticking to the source material while offering nonstop Martial Arts fighting. The film would focus on 4 of the fighters (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile) entering Shadaloo's tournament held by M. Bison, whom is bent on world domination and plans to create an army by capturing the best fighters in the world and brainwashing them into mindless killing machines, the tournament is a worldwide competition, meaning …

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