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Titles Tagged “thriller”

Unfriended (British Cast) by Leo Gabriadze, Timur Bekmambetov, and Nelson Greaves

If the cast of Unfriended were British

The Principal (2007) by Christopher Cain

If The Principal was made 20 years later

The Principal (1997) by Christopher Cain

If The Principal was made 10 years later

Star Wars (SNL Cast) by Lorne Michaels

Cast SNL Members as Star Wars Characters!

Red Thanksgiving by Kyle Cooke

PLOT: In Pennsylvania, college freshman, Stanley Brewer returns home for Thanksgiving with his widowed father and his younger sister. A few pals of Stanley's and a few more family members join them on Thanksgiving. However that day, a ruthless serial killer is on the loose and has Stanley's family on his target list. COMPARISON PITCH: Black Christmas meets Friday the 13th meets A Nightmare on Elm Street meets Child's Play meets Fright Night meets Don't Breathe meets I Know What You Did Last Summer MPAA RATING: R for horror violence, some sexual content, some nudity and language

Popular Titles

Through The Wastelands (80s)

If The Invaders was made in the 80s

Suicide Squad (Younger Cast)

Suicide Squad was made with a younger cast

Through The Wastelands (All Grown Up)

If the cast of Through The Wastelands have grown up and became adults.

Alien vs Predator (1994)

What if Alien vs Predator was made in the 90's?


Detective Jim Corrigan solves a murder mystery in New York City, Suddenly, he was brutally ...


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