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THE TIME JUMPERS by Tristan Hartup

(This is an idea that has been burning in the back of my mind for a short while now, based on a fan-made poster I made on deviant. Just to clarify, this does NOT mean I'm reigniting the Power Crew/Time Jumper series, this is just strictly a non-canonical standalone side story.) The ability to travel through time is one thing, but the ability to actually control time is something else, at least that's what the head scientists behind the military-funded bio-weapons programme “Draker” had figured out. After a botched attempt at replicating the genetic alteration that grants the time-teleportation powers …

Tuesday's Child by J.D. Taylor

During a student protest in 1994, Tuesday Lincoln is separated from her one year-old daughter, Wednesday. In spite of her and her parents searching for the infant's whereabouts non-stop for a year, the Brooklyn Police Dept wind down the search. Sixteen years later, Tuesday is a married woman with a sixteen year-old daughter, Mia. One day, however, there is a knock at the door. An eighteen year-old woman introduces herself as Wednesday Lincoln, and claims to be the child that went missing during the flare-up at the college rally, all those years ago. Tuesday is overjoyed to see the daughter …

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