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Beverly Hills, 90210 (2000-10) by Darren Star

What if Beverly Hills, 90210 aired 10 years later?

Riverdale (2007) by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

What if Riverdale aired 10 years later?

That '70s Show (2008-16) by Bonnie Turner & Terry Turner and Mark Brazill

What if That '70s Show aired 10 years later?

Iron Man: Armored Adventures by Alexandre de La Patellière & Craig Kyle & Romain van Liemt & Christopher Yost; characters created by Stan Lee & Larry Lieber & Don Heck & Jack Kirby

What if Iron Man: Armored Adventures was made in live-action rather cel-shaded CGI?

Nolan in Houston by Kyle Cooke

This was before the events of the Mike Nolan action film saga began.

Hawks (tv series/The CW) by Kyle Cooke/The CW

PLOT: After the death of their parents in a plane crash while on a vacation to the Bahamas, the five Newman siblings, Aaron(a college freshman and recent high school graduate), Brian(the oldest and legal guardian of the family), Carly(a college senior and former high school cheerleader), Laura(a straight A-student/seventh grader)and their toddler brother, Simon move off to where Brian lives in Hawks, San Francisco. Along the way, they make a bunch of pals. COMPARISON PITCH: Party of Five meets Riverdale

Coast of Haven by Kyle Cooke & Jesse Gendelman

High school freshman, Tom Reynolds starts off his freshman year by moving to the town of Haven Coast, Maine with his widowed father(a reverend), his 12-year-old twin brother & sister, Jimmy and Shannon, his 8-year-old sister, Paige, and his 5-year-old sister, Teresa. Once they get there, Tom's aunt and uncle move in with them to help out. Once Tom starts his first day at his new school, he makes a bunch of friends. He even falls head over heels for his classmate, Vivian McCall. They even get help on their work from a couple of local college youngsters. COMPARISON PITCH: …

13 Reasons Why (2007) by Netflix

What if 13 Reasons Why was made 10 years earlier?

Dead Gorgeous by Barbara Slade - Alternate Location & New Characters By J.D. Taylor

In 19th Century Britain, three sisters - Rebecca(17), Sophie(15) and Hazel(13) are killed when their horse-driven coach is separated from the stallions and plunges off the edge of a cliff. The siblings were on their way to their aunt where a young man was waiting to be married to Rebecca. Feeling cheated of her and her sisters' chance to live their lives, she submits a request to the ‘Ghost Council’ to allow her, Sophie and Hazel to return to their former existence. It is granted, but the deliberation has taken 160 years. They return to the living world, but they …

BREAKING DAWN - PART 1: SUNSET by Stephenie Meyer - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

A fortnight after Bella turns eighteen, she and Edward finally tie the knot. The physical consumation of their devotion to one another on their honeymoon leads to Bella becoming pregnant by him, a highly-alarming turn-of-events, as vampires cannot conceive a human child. As time progresses, it becomes apparent that the baby growing inside Bella will prove fatal for her. When the other wolves learn of this development, Jacob finds himself in the position of having to fight the members of his clan, in order to stop them killing both Bella and the child. With her life slipping away, Edward and …

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