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Unplugged by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

Five girls lives are changed when they decide to start a band. CHARACTER LIST: Roxy - She is an aspiring musician. Brianne - She is Roxy's younger sister. She is also a drummer. Erica - She is the bass guitarist. Jessie - She is a keyboard player.

Get Over It by Tommy O'Haver

What if Get Over It was made today?

Guardian Damon by Winnie Holzman and Bryan Elsley

As Westlake High reels in the tragic suicide of autistic Damon Albright, whom his friends accused of ruining their lives after a party gone wrong, small town girl Joyce “Joy” Miller starts an investigation to know the real Damon was before he killed himself. But after Joy interviews his friends one by one, they grow humiliated and tormented by Damon’s ghost, whom only they can see and no one else can. CHARACTERS: Joyce “Joy” Miller: the lead character and aspiring journalist in charge of Damon’s story. Damon Albright: the title role who committed suicide after years of social rejection due ...

The Faculty (2028) by Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Williamson

The Faculty made 30 years later

Truth or Dare (2008) by Jeff Wadlow, Blumhouse

If Truth or Dare was made 10 years earlier

Popular Titles

Ultimate Muscle(kinnikuman)

Adaptation manga kinnikuman

A Sweet and Simple Harmony

In the early 1980s as disco ends, and the world begins to change a young ...

Sonic Underground: Revival (Part 1)

In this 3rd cartoon of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic and his two siblings, Manic and ...

Sonic Underground: Revival (Part 2)

Part 2 of Sonic Underground Revival Characters

The Stowaway

A young boy stows away on an English clipper ship headed to the United States ...


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