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MAGIC THUNDER by And There It Lies by John Tyler, Storm Angel by John Silver

Irishman Cullen Blackadder and former librarian Margaret Analiece are now lovers who work as magicians and visitors to other villages to prevent any supernatural forces from disturbing the peace and safety of humanity. Cullen specializes in creating potions and weapons that work against certain types of magic, and Margaret becomes researcher of potions and types of supernatural beings that exist. One night, while witnessing a tornado wipe out a deserted village, both Cullen and Margaret spot a tall woman in strong metal armor who falls from the sky and brings out a series of lightning strikes, spawning four people with ...

JASON C. by Tristan Hartup

Throughout most of his life, All Jason Calloway ever wanted was to be left alone, hating and never interacting with anyone and using the name "Jason C." so that no one can find him. So, after dropping out of college, he moves to quiet and rundown town where hopes not to draw any attention. Until through a series of unpredictable circumstances, it is revealed Jason had been hiding a secret throughout his life; ever since he was born, Jason is in possession of incredible supernatural powers. And when the secret is unleashed unto the world, Jason finds himself in the ...

FORT HOLLOWAY by John Silver

A group of high school graduates plan a mischievous but daring prank on a troubled bully and his kind hearted friend who is the only source of helping the man cope with his mental illness. The 6 friends lead them to a fort in which the small house contains simulated fire and fake booby traps that will lead the two to believe that the fort is a dangerous place. It isn't until the prank goes horribly wrong when the two are locked inside with the friend being critically injured from a death trap and the former getting killed by fire ...

Devil (2020) by John Erick Dowdle and M. Night Shyamalan

Devil made 10 years later. A group of people are trapped in an elevator and the Devil is mysteriously amongst them. (IMDB)


Sequel to Wasteland Warriors that excludes Unlikely Ally. After reaching Paradise, the Wasteland Warriors (British and Japanese) have encountered a mysterious black hole that has emerged in the middle of the area. While evacuating the area, the Wasteland Warriors are sucked into the black hole, sending them through another dimension. They discover that they are traveling through time towards the future, where they discover the human race is replaced by an army of demons led by Baron, with the ability to possess one's mind or inflict mental damage to anybody. The Wasteland Warriors begin turning against each other until Cross ...

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