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Pandemonium by Wwe

The story of World Wrestling Entertainment founder, Vince McMahon.

Denis Villeneuve's The Fighter by David O. Russell

What if Denis Villeneuve directed The Fighter?


The Adelaide Street Dreams - a group of outcasts, sport fanatics, high school students, and adults...all living in a skater culture. When the day comes, the skaters are out and about, defying the law and society's judgmental views on skating. At night, another skating group from the UK is hellbent on ruling the streets to ensure full popularity in skating should either side get provoked into starting a social war. Meanwhile, a disgraced yet ambitious young writer Josh de Costa makes the decision to move to Australia to cover the worldly views of skater culture. Posing as a transfer student, ...

Top Cat by Skeeter Hurd

A boxer's life goes on a downward spiral when he suffers from an head injury. CHARACTER LIST: Greg Day - He is a boxer who is facing retirement because of a concussion. Peter Day - He is Greg's father. Joanne Day - She is Greg's mother. Carly Day - She is Greg's sister. Harriet Wilson - She is Greg's love interest. Aaron Dallas - He is Greg's trainer. Frank Quinn - He is Greg's manager. Cornelius Livingston - He is Greg's rival. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic material involving violence and intense fight sequences, and for some language and brief ...

Snow Dogs (2012) by Walt Disney Pictures

If Snow Dogs was made 10 years later

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