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Denis Villeneuve's Star Trek by Gene Rodenberry

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Star Trek?

Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry

What would the cast of Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek be like?

PARALLEL by John Silver; Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures

In the early ages before Christ, a civilization in Egypt has opened a gateway to another dimension parallel to their universe. What they don't know is the gateway to the other worlds have deadly consequences for altering the courses of life, with something artificial and horrifically supernatural to the human eye... In 2018, two groups of explorers embark an expedition to discover the portal that once opened to many universes as a means of changing the history of science. However, the Egyptian area lies in ruins and is merely a ghost town for those who visit. That is, until one ...

COLD AIR by John Silver and Tristan Hartup; Summit Entertainment and eOne Films

Caleb Dean Grimm is a relentless space cadet from the future exploring an icy planet responsible for the disappearance of his girlfriend and while making a discovery for an element capable of extending an individual's lifespan. Caleb finds a distress signal in the midst of examining a life source, until a mysterious yet beautiful woman only known as Sahara appears at the location, claiming to know Caleb. Sahara reveals the planet in which Caleb is investigating has become deadly and those who consume or absorb the elements related to the orb of the Frost Virus will not only possess immortality, ...

Duck Dodgers: Return of Bugs Bunny (2009) by Warner Bros.

In the 24½ Century, Duck Dodgers and his Space Cadet have traveled a huge voyage in outer space defeating the martian army. But now he’s about to meet his worst nightmare after decades long past. Bugs Bunny returns to the 24½ Century and takes the spotlight as space hero. But Duck Dodgers is Furious as he wants revenge for all the times he's been blasted instead of Bugs. Now the Ultimate Battle between Duck and Wabbit rages on in an all-new feature length animated movie! Duck Dodgers is back and this time, he’s not alone.

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