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The Look On Their Faces by Leo Marks - Based On 'Peeping Tom' - New Character Names & Plot Variations By J.D. Taylor

One Thursday morning, the body of a young woman is discovered down an alleyway in Soho, London. She has a look on her face of sheer terror. The woman in charge of this investigation - DCI Michelle Gregg - becomes determined to hunt the killer, even though there is no trace of the murderer's DNA at the scene. At Paisley Mansions, an apartment block, its two owners - Mark Lewis (22) & his sister Mia (20) - are watching footage taken by a digital film camera of the victim's reactions. In one of the flats below them lives Helen Stephens, …

Saw VII- Serial Killers by Someone

With some strange magic, Saw put some of the most famous serial killers in one of his maze, and played some of his death games with them. Who of them would go out and save himself?

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The Eternity

Plot: A family moves to an eighteenth century mansion but are plagued by unexplained occurrences …

The Wizard of Oz (2004)

What if The Wizard of Oz came out 65 years later?

NIGHTS Into Dreams: the Movie (Live-Action/Animated)

From the Producer of Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and From the Writers of Sonic the …

Ten In the Family

PLOT: Family One: George Traynor lives in his mansion with his wife, Tina, his younger …

Bayonetta (Live-Action Movie)

From the Studio of Resident Evil & Monster Hunter and Director of Blade (1998). Based …


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