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Red Sky At Night (1991) by Ian Fleming (characters), Michael G. Wilson and Alfonse M. Ruggiero, Jr. (story and screenplay)

After terrorists target a Scottish nuclear facility, 007 is deployed to the Far East to investigate the prolific businessman Sir Henry Lee Ching. In Hong Kong, James Bond rendezvous with retiring spy Denholm Crisp, crosses paths with the Chinese Secret Service and teams up with jewel-smuggler Connie Webb to get to the bottom of Ching's shady past and prevent global pandemonium that could spark World War Three. Based on a story devised for the 17th James Bond movie in the early 90s, which was originally to feature Timothy Dalton in his third appearance as 007. More details here:

Scathach by From the Celtic mythology

SCATHACH is a action adventure drama fantasy television series, which is inspired and based on Celtic mythology. SCATHACH is set in the 4th Century and cronichles Scathach, a Scottish warrior woman and martial-artist, who is chosen by the Irish cheiftan Forgall Monach to train the Ulstermen Cu Chulainn, Loegaire Budach and Conchobar mac Nessa as warriors. As Forgall sends Cu, Loegaire and Conchobar to Scotland to be instructed in the arts of combat. Which is soon threatened, as Cu begins to develope forbidden romantic feelings for Scathach's rival, the warrior woman Aife, as Cu is to marry Forgall's daughter Emer, ...

Scathach and Cu Chulainn by From the Celtic Mythology

Mini-Series which tells the story of Scathach, the legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial-arts teacher and the legendary Ulster hero Cu Chulainn, who Scathach trained. And follows Cu Chulainn as he sets out to marry Emer, daughter of the chieftan Forgall Monach, whom he has fallen in love and their marriage is forbidded by Forgall, until Cu completes his warrior training and begins his training along with Loegaire Buadach, Conchobar mac Nesa and Conall Cernach by the warrior Domnall and his affair with Scathach's daughter Uathach and is forced to challenge her lover Cochar Croibhe to a duel and defeating ...

I Know Where I'm Going! by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Joan Webster has always been sure where she is going in life. At 25, she is sure she want's to marry a much older industrialist, and she sets out for a wedding rendezvous in the Western Isles of Scotland. But when a storm keeps her from crossing to the isle where she is to wed, and forces her to spend her days in the company of an impoverished naval officer who is the local laird, she become less sure of what she wants.

Highlander by Gregory Widen

In 1536 Scotland, Connor Macleod survives a fatal battle wound and is cast from his village; he is an immortal, one of a race of many who can only die when beheaded. They have battled through the ages until the time of the Gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. With the lessons of his mentor Ramirez and the centuries of experience since, Macleod must face his centuries-long nemesis, the bloodthirsty barbarian Kurgan, in modern day New York City. In the end, there can be only one!

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