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Titles Tagged “science fiction”

Inhumans MCU TV reboot 2020 by Russell T Davis, Marvel Television

After the disaterous 2017 ABC Series by Scott Buck, Marvel decides to reboot the Inhumans again after their first appearance in the Fantastic Four partnership with Fox.

Alien: Covenant (2027) by Ridley Scott

If Alien: Covenant was made 10 years later.

Solar Eclipse (2020) by Amblin Entertainment/Legendary Pictures (Paramount Pictures)

The NASA Scientists of International Space Station (ISS) has discovered a solar eclipse from the moon's shadow cast which is isolating the Earth's atmosphere.

San Andreas (2025) by Warner Bros. Pictures / New Line Cinema / Village Roadshow Pictures

If San Andreas was made 10 years later.

The Martian (1975) by Ridley Scott

If The Martian was made 40 years earlier.

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The Death of Superman (1994)

Christopher Reeve returns as Superman in his final battle with his ultimate nemesis Doomsday, A ...

Reservoir Cats (1995)

A spin-off/sequel to Reservoir Dogs with an all-female cast, set in 1995, smart, depressed women ...

Everything Everything (1987)

If Everything Everything was made 30 years earlier


In an alternate Earth, Humans and fantastical creatures/beings are struggling to co-exist with each other ...

12 Years a Slave (1973)

If 12 Years a Slave was made 40 years earlier.


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