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Children of Rebels by Skeeter Hurd

A young man and his long lost his twin brother race against time to do a heist fall in love with the same girl from other side of the tracks. PITCH: It's like Romeo and Juliet meets Twins meets Fast and The Furious meets Inception CHARACTER LIST: Cameron - He is a businessman by day, thief by night. Charlie - He is Cameron's long lost twin brother. Gina - She is Cameron's mother. Todd - He is Cameron's father. Lola - She is Cameron's love interest who likes Charlie. Tammy - She is Lola and Chloe's mother. John - He …

Try by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A young man's life has changed when he goes on a road trip to meet his crush who turns out to be a porn actress. PITCH: It's like Y Tu Mama Tambien meets Paper Towns meets Boogie Nights CHARACTER LIST: Ethan - He is a college student. Anne - She is Ethan's mother. Jack - He is Ethan's father. Lindsay - She is Ethan's younger sister. Clarence - He is Ethan's best friend. George - He is Ethan's best friend. Mimi - She is Ethan's ex girlfriend. Lucy - She is a porn star whom Ethan has a crush on. …

Roll Bounce by Fox Searchlight Pictures

What if Roll Bounce was Released Today?

The Princess Bride (Black Actors) by Rob Reiner

What if The Princess Bride was remade with black actors?

Life After War by Skeeter Hurd

An American soldier develops a relationship with an Asian woman. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense war violence and destruction, some language, brief sexuality and a intense childbirth scene

Annapolis by David Collard

Jake Huard, from a shipbuilders family, promised his dying mother he'd make it to Annapolis Naval Academy. Thanks to tenaciously bugging a Congressman he's selected, despite dubious grades. Once inside Jake soon proves sub-standard academically. Constantly challenged to his limits, repeatedly made the ‘over-cocky’ reason for the entire class to suffer, Jake nearly quits, but after facing his utterly unsupportive father's gloating returns just in time. Stubborn Jake finds support with mates as well as Ali, his lover-to-be, and a discipline he may excel in: the ‘brigade’ boxing tournament, open to all ranks.

Milk (1998) by Dustin Lance Black

What if Milk was released 10 years later?

Friends (2004-14) by David Crane & Marta Kauffman

What if Friends aired 10 years later?

Phantom of the Opera (1984) by Gaston Leroux & Andrew Lloyd Webber (20th Century Fox)

What if Phantom of the Opera came out in the late 80's What would it be like ?

Back to the Future (1995) by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale

What if Back to the Future was released 10 years later?

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (1970s)

If Its Always Sunny was a network tv sitcom in the 1970s.

Denis Villeneuve's Contagion

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Contagion?


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