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Rachael by Irvine Welsh & Rankin - Additional Characters & Plot Variations By J.D Taylor

Life in Britain during the mid-Fifties is full of people trying to recapture what it was like in the years prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, but for 17 year-old, Brighton-born Rachael Garvey, this social climate seems stale and uninspiring. Her older sister, Samantha, is on the verge of marrying the son of her boss, but Rachael is becoming adventurous and developing a curiosity for sex: something that worries her parents and Samantha. With Rock ‘n’ Roll just around the corner, waiting to shake-up the nation, Rachael feels the time is approaching for her to break free …

That Missed Beat by J.D Taylor - Taken From Various Biographical Sources

When Mona Best turns her cellar into a coffee bar in the late Fifties and title it the Casbah, her son, Pete develops a taste for the local skiffle bands embracing Rock ‘n’ Roll and soon takes up the drums. After a brief, but humiliating, encounter with Larry Parnes, a local musical group called Long John & The Silver Beetles' is approached to do regular gigs in Hamburg, Germany. With a drummer needed to increase the number of members to five, Pete steps into the breach. Two years later, the group is now a four-piece outfit called ‘The Beatles’ and …

Dreamboats & Petticoats by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

In 1961, an aspiring singer-musician named Bobby, travels from Manchester to join the band at a youth club in Soho, London. When he gets there, he is pipped-to-the-post, and a native Londoner, Norman, gets the job. Bobby then has to prove himself: not just as the singer in a group, but as a potential boyfriend for the girl of his dreams - Donna, unware of the true love of his life is actually closer than he thinks…

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