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DIRTY HARRY by Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, Malpaso Productions, Clint Eastwood, Tristan Hartup

San Francisco cop Harry Callahan has a distinctive way of enforcing the law; extreme brute force. He would go above and beyond what is acceptable and frequently ignores protocol in order to achieve what he thinks is right by any means necessary, earning him the nickname "Dirty Harry". This all comes to fruition when Harry soon finds himself fighting against a conspiracy concerning the city's political and justice system after being betrayed by an old partner of his. (This something I've been thinking about a short while back, essentially asking myself if Dirty Harry were to be rebooted/remade, what would ...

GREMLINS by Joe Dante, Chris Columbus, Tristan Hartup

Clumsy, awkward yet kind-hearted teenage outcast Blakely receives a strange grift from her struggling workaholic father for her 16th birthday, a small furry creature known as a mogwai that her dad bought from a junk store in Chinatown (actually he stole it) and he gives her three very important rules to follow: do not expose the mogwai to bright lights or sunlight which will kill it, do not let it get wet, and never feed it after midnight. Initially, Blakely is very hesitant but is quickly won over by the adorable little creature that she ends up naming "Gizmo", unfortunately, ...

JUMPER by Steven Gould

A reboot/readaptation of Steven Gould's original novel that is a much more faithful adaptation than the 2008 movie. Teenager David Rice escapes from his abusive father by unexpectedly teleporting (or "Jumping") away, vowing never to return. As he tries to make his way in the world, he searches for his mother (who left when he was a child), develops a relationship with a young woman from whom he keeps his ability secret, and is eventually brought into conflict with several antagonists. CHARACTERS: David Rice – The protagonist of the story who discovers that he can "jump" to any place that ...

Star Wars Prequels Reboot by George Lucas

If Disney would do a Remake of the Star Wars Prequels.

Star Wars by George Lucas

An up to date, grittier take on the original classic by George Lucas. This film will include the same characters and story-line but with different mostly different actors playing the roles. It is bringing the original Star Wars to a new generation.

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White Men Can't Jump

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Beavis and Butt-Head Do America(2016)Live Action

20 yrs later

Green Lantern Corps

a Green Lantern film featuring Hal and John. It's set to be like a Lethal ...


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