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Indoctrination by KRW

Goldwyn is a former nuclear physicist whose cognition is on backwards. He thinks about one thing and seconds later his mind meanders and thinks about a completely other different thing, and he has to “think on backwards” for him to acknowlege what made him get all the way there. It has been an immense distraction for him, and he lost his job and his wife, Emma divorced him, because of it. He goes to his 80-year-old therapist/mentor, Hans, who is about to retire. Hans initially suggests taking medication, but Goldwyn refuses to take medication, because it will make it worse, …

Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay

The adventures of a young New York boy who has various dreams depicting him trying to reach Slumberland to be playmate of King Morpheus' daughter Princess Camille.

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Anna Perkins

A short story about a woman supposedly suffering from post pardum depression who is locked in her room due to Wier Mitchell's rest cure. She slowly goes mad and makes questionable discoveries of her room and an image of a woman in the wallpaper who longs to escape and “creep” around the room.

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