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Titles Tagged “psychological thriller”

UNCONVENTIONAL by Tristan Hartup

Sheltered and emotionally stunted teenager Mark Bolton has spent most of his life on the move with his paranoid and stressed out mother who had been desperately trying to keep his existence a secret from the rest of the world. From birth, Mark had inherited unique telekinetic powers from some unknown force and has been living on the run in order to avoid being apprehended by government officials out of the fear that he might be experimented on and possibly turned into a weapon of war. But Mark soon decides that he's had enough of this life and he just ...

Denis Villeneuve's Side Effects by Steven Soderbergh

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Side Effects?

Adopted by Skeeter Hurd

A man and his pregnant wife's lives are turned upside down when they place their daughter for adoption. When they're give her up, they believed that they're not as kind as they claimed to be. CHARACTER LIST: Danny - He is a drug caring for his wife who is now pregnant. Liza - She is Danny's pregnant wife. Becca - She is Danny and Liza' s daughter whom they gave up for adoption. Sara - She is Becca's adoptive mother. Ben - He is Becca's adoptive father. MPAA Rating: R for violent images, language, brief sexuality and drug use

The Roommate (1991) by Screen Gems

The Roommate made 20 years earlier

The Roommate (2001) by Screen Gems

What if The Roommate was made 10 years earlier?

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Ultimate Muscle(kinnikuman)

Adaptation manga kinnikuman

A Sweet and Simple Harmony

In the early 1980s as disco ends, and the world begins to change a young ...


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