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MERCILESS by Tristan Hartup

"I AM GOD NOW!" Summer of 1994, Christian charity worker Joel Cooper travels to a small war-torn Eastern European country of Clyavina along with his loving fiancé and a few of their friends and fellow charity workers against the warnings given to them. But upon arriving, their plane is shot down and those that survived are kidnapped and held prisoners by the Clyavina military forces where they are subjected to torture, rape and death. This hits bigger for Joel has he is forced to watch his fiancé get savagely beaten, raped and mutilated within an inch of her life. Mortally ...

Be Careful With What You Love by Tom Ford

A sequel to Nocturnal Animals. Like the first film, it has two story-lines: one in the real world and one in a book written by Edward Sheffield. The real world story-line follows Edward as he contemplates his actions during the event of the first film, after Susan sends him another message in response to him standing her up at the restaurant. He wonders whether or not he did the right thing. As a form of therapy, he pretends to have conversations with people who are not there. Some of them are characters from his books, while others are people who ...

Fight Club (1979) by David Fincher

If Fight Club was made 20 years earlier.

THE NIGHT ROT by Tristan Hartup, suggested by NerdBoy359

Ever since a shockingly horrific incident that happened to him when he was very young, archaeologist Wesley Sorthed suffers from multiple mental problems; a unique form of dipolar disorder and nightmarish hallucinations caused by chronic insomnia. These happen whenever Wesley is relaxed, so to try avoid this, Wesley has to keep both his mind and body constantly focused on and busy with any job he's presented with, so he's always travelling and he doesn't have a personal relationship with anyone, though his dedication and focus on his work has allowed him to be much smarter than the average human being. ...

Nocturnal Animals (1996) by ?

We all know about Tom Ford's critically acclaimed masterpiece, "Nocturnal Animals." But most of us DON'T know that this film was actually the second attempt to make a film adaptation of Austin Wright's 1993 novel "Tony and Susan?" The first attempt, made in the mid-1990s, ended in failure when Warner Bros., Universal, and HBO all turned down offers to do it. What if the first attempt had succeeded, and resulted in "Nocturnal Animals" being made twenty years earlier? NOTE: Because this is intended to be a FAITHFUL adaptation of the book, several characters from the film have been renamed or ...

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"I AM GOD NOW!" Summer of 1994, Christian charity worker Joel Cooper travels to a ...


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