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Titles Tagged “post-apocalyptic”

Children of Men (2016) by Alfonso Cuaron

Children of Men made 10 years later.

LONE WOLF: SALVATION by John Silver, Gemini-Silver, 20th Century Fox, and Gareth Evans

Sequel to Lone Wolf. After failing to keep Sarah alive while overthrowing the humanoid army in space, an emotionally and psychologically disturbed Anon returns to a deserted Earth that is now a wasteland. Still under the mind control chip that is implanted in his human brain, Anon continues to struggle between maintaining his behavior as a peaceful alien inside of a human being over a ruthless killing machine. It isn't until Anon runs into a large band of humans that are being attacked by a group of anarchists who want to abolish innocent civilizations with a desire to rule one ...

Z for Zachariah (2005) by Craig Zobel

Z for Zachariah made 10 years earlier.

Oblivion (2003) by Joseph Kosinski

Oblivion made 10 years earlier.

The Book of Eli (2000) by Albert and Allen Hughes

The Book of Eli made 10 years earlier.

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Son of God (1995)

What if Son of God came out in the 90's ? What it be like ...

Orlando (2012)

Orlando made 20 years later

The Odyssey (2016)

Greek hero Odysseus travels back home after the fall of Troy. It takes Odysseus ten ...

Freedom Planet: The Movie

What if Based on the Video Game "Freedom Planet" was on the Movie? Voice Actor/Actress ...

Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards is best known for directed The Pink Panther It focus on his marriage ...


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