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Invade by Skeeter Hurd

Six students and their teacher relives the same alien invasion in their neighborhood. PITCH: It’s like The Invasion of Body Snatchers meets Groundhog Day. CHARACTER LIST: Corey - He is a high school student. Jane - She is a high school student. Brandon - He is a high school student. Trent - He is a high school student. Connor - He is a high school student. Daisy - She is another high school student. Linda - She is Corey’s mother. Joe - He is Corey’s father. Mrs. O’Keefe - She is a science teacher. Mr. Williams - He is an …

Princess of Mars by Skeeter Hurd

A teenage boy and girl must save their planet from a colony of aliens who destroy their environment. PITCH: It’s like Jupiter Ascending meets The Last of Us meets Akira meets Dune meets Fallout meets Mad Max meets Avatar meets Village of the Damned meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. CHARACTER LIST: Jesse Willy - He is a wanderer. Tali - She is a half human and half alien girl. Tema - She is Tali’s mother. Gole - He is Tali’s father. Drini - He is Tali’s older brother. Dany Ander - He is a guy who mentors Jesse. Linda …

Dark Beach by Skeeter Hurd

A mercenary joins a thief and five other space cadets to start a heist. PITCH: It's like Firefly meets Mad Max meets Ocean's Eleven meets The Losers. (NOTE: It's a spin-off of Apocalypse Planet.) CHARACTER LIST: Jessie Kellee - He is a mercenary Johnnio Coxand - He is an engineer. Jerry Stinett - He is a thief. Rine Tayly - She is a space cadet. Kara Richy - She is a space cadet. Sara Andez - She is a space cadet. Ryly Helley - She is a space cadet. Dane Meson - He is a space cadet. Bonnia Wryante - …

Doomsday Cop by Skeeter Hurd

A police officer revives from the dead as a robot. PITCH: It's like The Terminator meets The Crow meets RoboCop. CHARACTER LIST: Kelly Merritt - She is a police officer who becomes a robot. Aiden Merritt - He is Kelly's husband. Travis Merritt - He is Kelly's son. Patrick Martin - He is a fellow police officer. Dominic Andrews - He is a fellow police officer. Shauna Ross - She is a detective. Cindy Peterson - She is a prostitute who catches Kelly's eye. Ray Kurtz - He is a man who is after Kelly. MPAA Rating: R for strong …

Endless Rust by Skeeter Hurd

In a future-apocalytic, a father and daugher were search to find the village called “The Blessed” where the resistance to keep them safe from the Barbarians. However, when his daughter is kidnapped, he must save her and stop them. Inspirations: Mad Max, Fallout, and The Last of Us. Characters: Elias- A hunter and protagonist. Maisie - Elias' daughter. Tatyana - A shoekeeper who befriend Maisie. Mariner - A Chief barbarian and antagonist. Marcus - A bounty hunter and second antagonist. Ferris - A leader resistance of “The Blessed”. Common - An African-American and Ferris's assistance. MPAA Rating: R for violence …

Strange, Tokyo by Skeeter Hurd

Interwined stories between a police officer, a stripper, his daughter and a taxi driver discover a prostitute’s murder while surviving the nuclear apocalypse in Tokyo, Japan. CHARACTER LIST: Takayuki - He is a police officer. Emiri - She is Takayuki's daughter. Nobuyuki - He is a taxi driver. Ryuichi - He is a Yakuza leader. Kaede - She is a prostitute. Yoshihiro - He is Kaede's pimp. Miyoshi - She is a porn actress. Makoto - She is another porn actress. Akira - He is a porn film director. Hana - She is an assassin. Daichi - He is a …

Rage: the Movie by id, Bethesda

In the year 2135, a man known as “Ark Survivor” awakes from cryogenic preservation; he finds that 106 years ago a meteor struck the earth, killing innumerable people and mutating many others into violent abominations.

End of Never (1959) by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

If End of Never was made 60 years earlier

End of Never (1979) by Skeeter Hurd

What if End of Never was made 40 years earlier?

End of Never (1989) by Skeeter Hurd

What if End of Never was made 30 years earlier?

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