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King vs. Petit by Carole King

In 1971, Carole King is working on the songs with Tapestry for the song, “It's Too Late” and she is going to see her husband, Charles Larkey, for her son, Levi Larkey, is born in 1974. A 21-year-old wire walker, Philippe Petit, walked on the wire in Paris and Sydney while the police arrested him. Carole sees Philippe Petit on the TV about the World Trade Center is walking on the wire by himself.

Death Wish by Brian Garfield

A New York City architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife is murdered by street punks in which he randomly goes out and kills would-be muggers on the mean streets after dark.

Solomon Sisters Wise Up by Melissa Senate

Three very different sisters (one single and pregnant, one who catches her husband cheating, and one who can't commit to anyone) end up living in their father's apartment as he plans his wedding to a woman younger than all of them.

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