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Lost Boy by Ash Thorp (graphic series; short film) and Anthony Scott Burns (short film)

Earth. The Future. Year Unknown. Population: Zero. This is how they saw the universe: Input and Output. It was this arrogance which led to their demise. The moment they saw their physical domain as nothing more than simple programming, they were doomed. Comparison pitch: Akira meets Mad Max meets 2001: A Space Odyssey *Note: Xeh is an Asian character (NO whitewashing).

Ready Player One (1998) by Ernest Cline

What if the movie Ready Player One was made in the 1990's?

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imaginary Friends to the End by Craig McCracken

Bloo constantly waiting for Mac to drop by collapses in a comatosed state, until one day he cracked and runs out to find Mac by himself! He sets out to large places outside of Foster's where he comes across a ton of obstacles, other strange and odd imaginary friends in the public city, Meanwhile, it’s up to Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, and Cheese to find Bloo before he finds Mac.

The Land Before Time: A New Beginning by Don Bluth

Littlefoot and his friends have grown up but the Great Valley is not the same anymore, for Chomper has developed himself into a vicious predator who's eating every dinosaur! Littlefoot must come to grips against his old friend turned monstrous! Based on a fascinating fanmade story I just read from deviantART by theblazinggecko

THE OWL KING by Warner Bros. Pictures

A Young Man is being transported to a mystical realm where it is ruled by The Owl King who told him that he must saved the realm from a Ruthless Witch Doctor Inspiration: The Dark Crystal, Excalibur, Legend, Labyrinth and Willow Main Characters Robbie Nash- A Young Man who despise Fairy Tale and calling them “Make up Stories” until he is being transported to a Mystical Realm by The Owl King who chose him as The Savior The Owl King- A Mystical Owl who is the ruler of his realm who chose Robbie to save his realm from Dr. Rin. …

MR. LANTERN by Warner Bros. Pictures

A High School student who is trying to win the heart of his crush but she always ignore him, He is being told about a mystical man who can help him with his crush but that man is happens to be a Talking Pumpkin. A student willing to sell his soul in order to get Mr. Lantern to help him but unknown to him, Mr. Lantern have another plan for him Inspiration: Beetlejuice meets Gremlins Main Characters Theodore Seavor- A High School Loser who is trying to win the heart of his crush but no avail Mr. Lantern- A mystical …

A HALLOW NIGHT by John Silver

Everybody is getting ready for the typical spooky night of the year – Halloween. Kids are trick-or-treating, costume parties are spreading throughout the public, and everybody is looking forward to a marathon of classic horror movies. Things are different for Matthew Flynn, who doesn’t celebrate and enjoy the holiday and is forced to tag along with his pals for hours of scares and celebrating the night with horror movies and costume parties. But little do the party goers know when the Emergency Alert System advises citizens to remain indoors they make the grave mistake of letting in a colony of …

Ghostbusters (Live action TV series) by Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis

Taking place shortly after the events of Ghostbusters 2, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore continue their exploits as New York City's paranormal investigators.

That Guy With the Glasses: The Movie by Douglas Darien Walker

The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, The Dudette, and others on, including a college-age female otaku newcomer and a cross-dressing cosplayer who is the otaku newcomer's friend, join forces with an old archenemy of the Critic to use their skills to investigate a videotape that brainwashes people.

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