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New Line Cinema's Death Note (1996) by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

Netflix's Death Note very much felt like a late 90s High School Horror Comedy, which got me thinking...What if it were released in the 90s, with a couple minor changes to get rid of plot holes?

Gibson in Pittsburgh by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

A spin-off of the Gibson Family Christmas series

Generic Kyle Cooke Movie by Kyle Cooke/Netflix/KDC Media Productions

A guy with autism tries to bang a hot chick

Trollhunters (Live-Action) by Dreamworks, Guillermo del Toro

An ordinary boy finds a magic amulet that chooses him to be a Trollhunter, a guardian that defends the world of humans and the secret world of trolls.

Be My Valentine by Kyle Cooke/Netflix/KDC Media Productions

PLOT: This film tells twelve stories of supermarket cashier, Mike Taggart and his family. One: Mike manages to make ends meet in his job. Somewhere along the way, he meets jewelry store cashier, Amber Baines, who he later falls head over heels for, when he asks her to be his valentine and she accepts. He's mostly favored by his boss, Mr. Bradford, over his skeptic co-worker, Zach Bishop. Two: Meanwhile, two former best friends who drifted apart after going to separate college, Mike's father, Harold and Amber's father, Quentin(who are both widowed)are managing to meet each other again and reconnect ...

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