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Roommate (tv series) by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

PLOT: Daily slacker, Joe Potter and nine of his roommates(his best friend, a singer, a college graduate, four comedians, a billionaire and a former orphanage owner)live in a penthouse apartment with a big room. COMPARISON PITCH: How I Met Your Mother meets Friends

The Gibson Family Christmas by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

PLOT: Arthur Gibson, a middle-aged businessman, is living in the house he grew up as a little boy, alone with his middle son, Ben, who works as a grocery store cashier. His youngest son, Sam is coming home after a year in military school. His oldest daughter, Megan has begun drinking because her husband cheated on her accidentally and because her own business she founded is beginning to go bankrupt. His middle daughter, Nora finds out that she's pregnant, which shocks her abusive husband, Sean. His second middle daughter, Kristen has recently had her first child with her husband, Greg ...

BLADE by Marvel, Netflix

A young half-human half-vampire hunter of the undead travels to New York city to seek vengeance against the vampires who killed his mother and created him.

Nolan in Houston by Kyle Cooke

This was before the events of the Mike Nolan action film saga began.

Fantastic Four (MCU Netflix) by Stan Lee/Netflix

A Netflix series for Fantastic Four, with younger people portraying the characters and when Invisible Woman was Invisible Girl, back before her name was changed.

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The Puppetmaster

A remake of the 1989 film The Puppetmaster


What if STEEL became a remake version ? What would it be like ?

Mystery Men (2009)

If Mystery Men was made 10 years later

Mystery Men (2019)

If Mystery Men was made 20 years later

Red Thanksgiving

PLOT: In Pennsylvania, college freshman, Stanley Brewer returns home for Thanksgiving with his widowed father ...


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