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Gravity Falls Season 3 and a Movie by Alex Hirsch

A year has passed after the events of Weirdmaggeddon, Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls to reunite with all of their friends at the Mystery Shack now run by Soos. They soon find out that Grunkles Stan and Ford have mysteriously disappeared once they have traveled away to find new anomalies outside Gravity Falls. So the Mystery Twins and the gang set out to into the great unknown where they find new discoveries, meet new friends, battle the forces of evil, and find more shocking reveals! We see that inside the Bermuda Triangle, there’s an evil Illuminati cult trying ...

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight TV series by Steven Moffet

Loosely based on the elseworlds Batman comic, Gotham By Gaslight

Stage Fright by Doctor Heliotrope

An actress's life is shattered when she is knocked unconscious by a murderous fan at a movie screening. As she tries to build her life back up, she is met with the realization that she is, for some reason, afraid of acting now. Characters Emily Stanford - An aspiring actress met with the fear of the silver screen after she is knocked unconscious at a screening. Morris Stanford - Emily's helpful, supportive husband. Gary Washington - Emily's domineering, lazy, fat boss. Debra Stanford - Emily's mother-in-law. Simone Lester - A young, sweet costume designer. Vladimir Edelson - Emily's co-star (and, ...

Disturbia (1987) by Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures

What if Disturbia was made 30 years earlier?

Disturbia (1997) by Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures

What if Disturbia was made 20 years earlier?

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Are You There, God? It's Me Margret

Based on the book by Judy Blume, the film follows 12-year-old Margret who is growing ...

Castlevania: The Animated Movie (1980's)

What if Castlevania was an animated film in the 1980's?

Muppets in Space (1999)

An alien empire has found Gonzo’s appearance on Earth, They bring him and The Muppets ...

Jaws (SNL Cast) (1970's)

Cast SNL Members as the Cast from Jaws

Eyes of Katrina (SNL)

What if the cast of Eyes of Katrina were SNL cast members?


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