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Masked by Night by Anonymous

Set in Los Angeles, Stephanie Wright is journalist by day and escort by night (as companion). But when one of her clients is murder, she begin to investigative, with the help of returned love Bash Steinfeld who still want Stephanie after eleven-years-ago. Rated R for violence, language and sexuality Characters: Stephanie Wright: Late 20s mysterious loner, loved reading and writing, but not outgoing enough, her beauty caused many men to fall in love with her; she's strong and shy got bit of mixed personality with the ability to be both serious and smart. She has two nickname by other Bookworm ...

The Da Vinci Code (1991) by Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code made 15 years earlier.

13 Reasons Why (2007) by Netflix

What if 13 Reasons Why was made 10 years earlier?

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET by Wes Craven, Giovanni Garcia, Tristan Hartup

A reboot of the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise and the third entry of the Slasherverse In the fall of 1987 A group of young scientists are doing a study which analyzes nightmares and the effects they have on the human brain. Their research eventually finds them in Elm Street Springwood Ohio, which 30 years ago was the hometown of kindergarden janitor and alleged child rapist Freddy Krueger whose body was found burned alive in his boiler room home. After doing further research on Krueger the scientists are horrified at what they discover and soon begin to experience intense nightmares ...

FRIDAY THE 13TH: JASON'S REAL by Sean S. Cunningham & Victor Miller, Greg Alba & John Humphey, Tristan Hartup

The sequel to my Friday the 13th reboot:, and the second instalment of the Slasherverse (A shared cinematic universe comprising of the classic slasher horror villains from the '70s and '80s). Little over a year after the events of the first movie, high school outcast Kevin O'Donnell is in a maximum security institution for the criminally insane for being accused of the murders of Becky Gardner, Dylan Hoffner, Brian Kessler, Kiera Longford and Pamela Voorhees. Though Kevin desperately pleads that he didn't do it and that it was Jason Voorhees but try as he might, no one believes him. ...

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12 Years a Slave (1993)

If 12 Years a Slave was made 20 years earlier.


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Ant-Man (1985)

Ant-Man made 30 years earlier.


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