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Flash by Skeeter Hurd

A young man's life changed when he takes mysterious photographs. PITCH: It's like Clerks meets Nightcrawler. CHARACTER LIST: Dan - He is a convenience store worker by day, a photographer by night. Kayla - She is Dan's girlfriend (now wife). Jack - He is Dan's best friend. Toby - He is Dan's best friend. Becky - She is a young woman who terrorizes Dan. Lizzy - She is Dan's love interest. Tina - She is an aspiring model. Mr. Oliver - He is a college professor. MPAA Rating: R for disturbing violent content, language throughout, sexual content and some nudity

Motorcity by Chris Prynoski

In an alternate future, a band of teens seek to restore what used to be Detroit, and is now a futuristic metropolis owned by the ruthless Abraham Kane.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures by Alexandre de La Patellière & Craig Kyle & Romain van Liemt & Christopher Yost; characters created by Stan Lee & Larry Lieber & Don Heck & Jack Kirby

What if Iron Man: Armored Adventures was made in live-action rather cel-shaded CGI?

UNCONVENTIONAL by Tristan Hartup

Sheltered and emotionally stunted teenager Mark Bolton has spent most of his life on the move with his paranoid and stressed out mother who had been desperately trying to keep his existence a secret from the rest of the world. From birth, Mark had inherited unique telekinetic powers from some unknown force and has been living on the run in order to avoid being apprehended by government officials out of the fear that he might be experimented on and possibly turned into a weapon of war. But Mark soon decides that he's had enough of this life and he just ...

The Sensational Spider-Man by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko and Brian Michael Bendis & Morgan Gendel & Marsha Griffin and Alvin Sargent & David Koepp

Picking up where Sam Raimi’s movie left off, Peter Parker juggles school, work, romance, and a double life as New York’s beloved web-spinning wallcrawling menace, Spider-Man. Yes, this is an animated series but what if MTV made a live-action version instead with different actors?

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In an alternate future, a band of teens seek to restore what used to be ...

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