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The Batman 1980(Altrenate Version) by Peter Jackson

On a deep dark night,Thomas and martha Wayne Would Be assasinated by Joe chill in order of Rupert Thorne.Few years Later,Bruce Grow up and Become batman.He would meet Silver St.Cloud and fall in Love.When on A night,A serial mad killer comes to gotham named joker, batman meet dick grayson on Flying Grayson Show that his parents killed by Joker. Now Batman and Robin must Face Joker,Rupert thorne and Penguin aka Oswald cobblepot.

The Batman II:City of Fears by Benjamin Shirasb

When Shadow,Absolutly Escape,Dr.Jonathan Crane,Warden of Arkham Asylum,Have a Evil Plan to Show The Gotham real Scare.When Surgeon Thomas Elliot Return From Europes College to See his best friends, Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne,Kills by a Skiimoo Goon.The Nemesis named Mr.Freeze,Wants to Save her wife from Carcer,He freeze her with Cold Nytrogen,On 1945,the end of world war,He was a Nazi and thomas Waynes Child hood Friend.He trapped on His Ice room and Become Freeze. Now Batman must team up with Dick Grayson a.k.a Robin,Oracle a.k.a Barbara Gordon,Harvey Dent,Comissioner Gordon,Mr.Freeze to beat Down Hush and Scarecrow

B.A.T.M.A.N: The Agency by Benjamin Shirasb

A reboot altrenate version of Batman by me. -Director Bruce Wayne:Son Of Grand Former Rich Mayor of Gotham.When His Parents Killed in 10 years old,He Start to follow His Father Legacy,He become richest Man of Gotham and Made a team Named B.A.T.M.A.N. -Alfred Pennyworth:Wayne's Family secretary and Personal Consular of Mayor Thomas Wayne. -Mayor James Gordon:A Very Serious Man Who Want to make Chaos on Gotham,He help the b.a.t.m.a.n team and want to teach criminals a lesson. -Jack"The Lord"Napier:A millionare Royal Count and a mob boss Who Want to become the Mayor instead of thomas Wayne.Because of This He order ...

The Batman III:Faces Of a Gaurdian by Benjamin Shirasb

It s Take Place after Attack on Central Gotham Court and Scarred face Of White Knight of Gotham,Harvey Dent.The Best Friend of Bruce Wayne. He would Send to Arkham And Be watched By Dr.Baltazar Wolper,Who belive That Batman Is a Dark Vigiolanty Rogue,Who terrorizes Gotham. He think that Harvey Dent is the Victim of Batman.When Harvey escapes He kills Dr.Wolper,Because Harvey Uses Her Father Coin to Decide,and Wolper Change it With a Dice, and made him when he want to go bath, Use Dice,He again Use Coin and Return To Gotham,And Meet Edward Nygma A Young Teenager Who have no ...

Batman(Western Edition) by Zack Snyder

It s about batman In Western -Batman/Bruce Wayne:A Rich Man On West of american On Gotham City,When He Was Child,His Father Invited For a Duel by Rupert Thorne His Father Killed by Cheat of Opponent and His Mother too. -Alfred pennyworth:An old Bar and Barber man Who Worked For Thomas Wayne,He and Thomas Were Good Friends,When Thomas Died,He Promised Him on Funeral,To protect Bruce. -Sheriff Gordon:He is the Sheriff of Gotham and helper of Batman,He Hate Criminals and Bounty Hunters and He want to teach them A lesson -The Poker Joker/Jack Napier:He is a Famous Criminal,Bounty Hunter and a Genius ...

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