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Imagine Casting

Titles Tagged “miscast”

Star Wars (Miscasted) by Lucasfilm, Disney

What if Star Wars casted the wrong people?

Harry Potter (Miscasted) by Warner Brothers

What if Harry Potter casted the wrong people?

The Avengers (Miscasted) by Marvel, Disney

What if The Avengers casted the wrong people?

Aladdin (Miscasted) by Guy Ritchie

What if Aladdin casted the wrong people? What if the director is not fit for this movie? What if the characters of the wrong ethnicity?

Pulp Fiction (Miscasted) by Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary

What if Pulp Fiction had casted the wrong people?

Ghostbusters (Miscasted) by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

What if Ghostbusters had the wrong actors for the characters? Actors who aren't funny or well-acted enough for Ghostbusters

The Dark Knight (Miscasted) by Bob Kane

What if The Dark Knight had the wrong actors for the characters? Actors who look nothing like Batman or The Joker? And a director not fit for this kind of movie?

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