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Titles Tagged “martin scorsese”

Martin Scorsese's Watchmen by Alan Moore

What if Martin Scorsese directed Watchmen?

Martin Scorsese's Manchester by the Sea by Kenneth Lonergan

If Manchester by the Sea was made by Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese's Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino

What if Martin Scorsese directed Pulp Fiction?

Martin Scorsese's Pineapple Express by David Gordon Green

What if Martin Scorsese directed Pineapple Express?

Martin Scorsese's Avengers: Infinity War by The Russo Brothers

What if Martin Scorsese directed Infinity War?

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Nick of Time

A remake of the 1995 film starring Johnny Depp

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Duck Duck Goose (2009)

Duck Duck Goose Was Made 10 Years Later. (If the Year is Wrong I Will ...

Booster Gold and Blue Beatle

Fancast for a potential buddy team up movie with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.


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