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Bound by The Wachowski

Bound if it come out today

Finding Roger: An Improbably Theatrical Love Story, by Rick Elice

Welsh actor Roger Rees Converts to Judaism, Falls in love with playwright Rick Elice, becomes a T.V legend, and a Broadway icon all before his death due to brain cancer in 2015.

Call Me By Your Name (1987) by Luca Guadanigno

What if Call Me By Your Name was made 30 years earlier?

The Mayor of Castro Street: American Crime Story by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski and Dustin Lance Black

A chronicle of the aftermath of the Moscone—Milk assassinations carried by disgruntled and disgraced San Francisco city supervisor Dan White. It’ll show White’s prison sentence that led to the Twinkie Defense, the White Night Riots, and his 1985 suicide, while also delving into the pasts of White and Milk. The assassinations will also affect those who grew up with Milk, as his former partner Scott Smith preserved his legacy until his 1995 death, his former protégé Cleve Jones creating the NAMES Project in 1987, and etc.

The Poet King by Skeeter Hurd

A story of a poet's downward spiral of addiction to drugs. CHARACTER LIST: Will - He is drug addicted poet. Lester - He is Will's gay mentor. Tess - She is Will's wife. Kate - She is Will and Tess' daughter. Julie - She is Will and Tess' daughter. Fred - He is Lester's gay lover. Jack - He is Will's best friend. Paul - He is Will's best friend. Betty - She is Will's attractive neighbor. Ellie - She is a young stripper who is attracted to Lester. MPAA: R for pervasive substance abuse and language, sexuality, nudity and ...

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Virtual Morality (Season 1)

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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Situation Worsens

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