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Zack Snyder's Justice League Part II by DC Comics; Zack Snyder

The mighty destroyer of worlds, Darkseid comes to Earth searching for a formula known as the Anti-Life Equation which can dominate all life! The Justice League unite again to prevent Darkseid but everything goes wrong in the mix, Superman turns against Justice League and destroys the world in the process! Batman has to team up with all he has left including the Joker to take down Darkseid. Can the League prevail and save the world?

Injustice 3:Revenge of Regime by Zack Snyder

Batman,made his Own Justice League(Supergirl,Flash,black canary,Deathstroke,Huntress,Atom,swamp Thing,Firestorm,Captain Cold and Harley Quinn).Green ArrowJoins The Dimension Justice League and Green Lantern Goes on a Journey to Find Sinestro,Flash and Kara Zor-El,Work on Brainiac Collection to Return Krypton,StarFire Joins the Batman,Bruce Wayne Stole His Golds To Help President Kane to Rebuild city. Superman Escapes Phantom Zone And Save Wonder Woman.Wonder Woman Want Her Sisters to attack the city,But some of them Refuse,Wonder woman Kill Them all.Aquaman Has injured and leave the War forever.A new Rogue Assasin comes to Gotham.the name isRed hood and He terror President Kane.Batman Ask Cyborg To Build a New …

Injustice (1990's Movie) by DC Comics

What if Injustice was a movie in the 90's?

Popular Titles

The Eternity

Plot: A family moves to an eighteenth century mansion but are plagued by unexplained occurrences …

The Wizard of Oz (2004)

What if The Wizard of Oz came out 65 years later?

NIGHTS Into Dreams: the Movie (Live-Action/Animated)

From the Producer of Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and From the Writers of Sonic the …

Ten In the Family

PLOT: Family One: George Traynor lives in his mansion with his wife, Tina, his younger …

Bayonetta (Live-Action Movie)

From the Studio of Resident Evil & Monster Hunter and Director of Blade (1998). Based …


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