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The Spectacular Now (2003) by James Ponsoldt, Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, and Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now made 10 years earlier.


The Adelaide Street Dreams - a group of outcasts, sport fanatics, high school students, and adults…all living in a skater culture. When the day comes, the skaters are out and about, defying the law and society's judgmental views on skating. At night, another skating group from the UK is hellbent on ruling the streets to ensure full popularity in skating should either side get provoked into starting a social war. Meanwhile, a disgraced yet ambitious young writer Josh de Costa makes the decision to move to Australia to cover the worldly views of skater culture. Posing as a transfer student, …

Terms of Christmas by Kyle Cooke/Independent

PLOT: After a fight last Christmas with his mother two years ago, Matt Bentley has been avoiding his family. But when his girlfriend, Amy Maddox persuades him into going since she found out that Matt's mother has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Matt decides to make amends with his family and spend his mother's last Christmas with his family. COMPARISON PITCH: Nothing Like the Holidays meets Love Actually meets Angels Sing meets Just Friends meets Christmas Comes to Willow Creek RATING: PG-13

The Sullivan Family Christmas by Kyle Cooke/Independent

PLOT: Walter Sullivan, a retired mechanic and widower, has settled down for a new life. All that changes when his six children return home for the holidays. Daniel, a househusband whose wife is having an premarital affair with another man, Nicole, a young singer, Suzanne, who is a partner in a law firm, Brendan, who is a professional hockey player, Elizabeth, his youngest daughter who brings home her college-age boyfriend and Jake, who is a paperboy. MPAA RATING: PG-13

ADULTHOOD by John Silver

PLOT: Three interconnecting stories involving adulthood - and the struggles that come along with major downsides and effort to find light at the end of the tunnel. Story #1 – A recent high school graduate tries to find solace in living a normal life after distancing himself from his parents who look to the kid’s inspiring older brother and sister living exclusively with their dream careers. Soon, the juvenile ends up with the wrong crowd at the wrong time, sending his desire for popularity and average life running down the trash can. Story #2 – A 19 year old college …

RICH by John Silver

Travis Bridger is an introverted man who is exhausted of traveling around the world and being overly social has been let go from his business (fired as CEO). One night as he is making his return to the neighborhood he used to live in, Travis deliberately gets himself into a car accident in an attempt to rid himself of the misery and pain caused from the unfortunate circumstances. He wakes up in a three-story mansion after being rescued by a friendly young man who offers him an opportunity to win $500,000, including a chance to find the man behind his …

THROUGH THE NIGHT by Tristan Hartup

It's the night of the senior prom and though a lot are looking to have a good time, not everyone is in the mood, quiet loner Matt hates the idea of the prom and decides not to go and instead plans on spending the night going on an aimless trek through the streets of LA, popular girl Natalie gets stood up her date/long term boyfriend and runs from the prom and quickly crosses paths with Matt, she distraughtly decides to join him and through their aimless journey, they discover that although they are different from each other, they have a …

THE LETTER by John Silver and Sony Pictures Classics

Jesse Matthews and Riley Peterson have been really close friends since high school, and after six months of being away from each other since college graduation, decide to meet up again for a camping trip to Texas. However, Jesse has been concealing his love and affection towards Riley and written a letter he has been meaning to give to her since the last time they were together, but feels that his friend will not reciprocate his feelings. Along the trip, emotional and sexual tension between the two will escalate as Riley begins to take notice of Jesse's signs of affection …

BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS by John Silver, A24, Broad Green Pictures and New Line Cinema

Bored with a 9 to 5 job, average Joe and uncaring Brett Summers is about to give up on his life. That is until, he gets a call from his brother-in-law from New York City who wants to offer him a better high-paying job and a chance to start over. Brett is skeptical at first, but begins to plan his travel in order to get away from his mundane lifestyle. Everything goes according to plan - he finally makes enough money to sell his house and some of his personal belongings to get an RV that's highly suitable for him …

PARADOX HEART by John Silver, STX Entertainment and A24

Leo Marcus is an artificial human being from the 5th dimension where Earth has been obliterated and all of humanity is forced to live on the Moon, where the average life span is extended and the sick are given the keys to immortality. Despite appearing human to the others, Leo cannot feel emotion and struggles to fit in with the rest of civilization. But one day, during an experiment involving time travel goes awry, Leo is sucked into a black hole that sends him through several different timelines until he mysteriously lands in a 1940's era in New York City. …

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