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Squid Game (American Remake) by Hwang Dong-hyuk

What if Squid Game receives an American remake? As for VIPs? Imagine them being played by big name Hollywood actors or film legends.

Mothers of Madness by Skeeter Hurd

A young woman discovers her family is haunted after her father died unexpectedly. CHARACTER LIST: Shay - She is a high school student. Justin - He is Shay’s younger brother. Debbie - She is Shay’s mother. Richard - He is Shay’s deceased father. Annie - She is Shay’s grandmother. Georgia - She is Shay’s aunt. Miriam - She is Shay’s aunt. Brandon - He is Shay’s boyfriend. Emily - He is Emily’s best friend. Officer Crawford - He is a police officer. Detective Wu - She is a detective: MPAA Rating: PG-13 for disturbing thematic content, violence, terror, sexuality, language, …

Watch the Skies by Andrew Milito

A dysfunctional family get-together goes awry when their rural home is attacked by malevolent extraterrestrial creatures. Loosely based on the unproduced Steven Spielberg film of the same name, in turn based on the 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter. Characters: Roy Norton - eldest Norton son Jodie Norton - Roy's wife Audrey Norton - Roy and Jodie's daughter Paul Norton - middle Norton son Danny Norton - youngest Norton son Wendy Keene - Paul's fiancee

Isolate by Skeeter Hurd

A babysitter finds herself in a home invasion gone wrong. PITCH: Don’t Breathe meets The Last House on the Left. CHARACTER LIST: Lisa - She is a babysitter. Nicole - She is Lisa’s mother. Roger - He is Lisa’s father. Danny - He is Lisa’s older brother. Jessie - She is Lisa’s best friend. Ryan - He is a drug addict. Brenda - She is a wedding planner. Joe - He is a businessman. David - He is Brenda and Joe’s son. Mindy - She is Brenda and Joe’s daughter. Fred - He is the main villain. Officer Hunter - …

Cartoon Museum by Skeeter Hurd

Six animated shorts about everyday objects. Rise of the Toys - A group of toys battle each other. The Writer - A widowed man struggles to write a book alone with his dog. Fork and Spoon - A fork and spoon lives with their roommates. Scooter - A boy rides on his scooter discover ghosts. Magic Wand - A girl discovers a magic wand. Wishing Well - Two men discovers a well that gives people wishes. SEGMENT #1 Rise of the Toys CHARACTERS: Bucky - He is a Elvis impersonator. Ned - He is a robot. Betty - She is …

Aswang by Skeeter Hurd

Plot: A group of US Marine and Philippine Marines raided in a mysterious island to rescue the hostages. What they didn't know is turns out to be a vampire-like monster known as “Aswang”. Characters: Sgt. McDowell Pvt. Cortes Pvt. Meyers Corp. Holland SSgt. Anderson Lt. Diaz Pvt. Weigel MPAA Rating: R for violence, graphic images and some language

Psychopath by Skeeter Hurd

A young woman discovers her best friend is a serial killer. CHARACTER LIST: Christy Nicholson - She is a college dropout. Marge Nicholson - She is Christy’s mother. Aiden Nicholson - He is Christy’s father. Vicky Michaels - She is Christy’s best friend. Stacey Andrews - She is Christy’s best friend turned serial killer. Trevor Dean - He is Christy’s love interest. Professor James - He is a professor. Professor Evans - She is another professor. Mr. Lynch - He is the college’s dean. MPAA Rating: R for bloody violence, sexuality, nudity, pervasive language and brief drug use - all …

Exploration by Skeeter Hurd

Three sci-fi animated shorts about the past, present and future. Grasshopper Land - A grasshopper and his brother discovers an alien invasion in the 1970s. Racecar Theory - A race driver in present day Earth. Lost Gold - A group of cat robots finds gold in a futuristic city. MPAA Rating: PG for sequences of intense sci-fi/fantasy action violence, some thematic material and language

Animation Vision by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

Three animated shorts about the world. Scratch - A disc jockey and his friends find themselves in music themed adventures. The Jake Project - A young man discovers the trials and tribulations of high school and bullying. Out of the Woods - Two sisters goes on a road trip with their family in the woods. MPAA Rating: PG for animated action violence, some peril, language and crude humor


(A non-canonical MCU Spider-Man story based on both a fan-made poster and a meme that I created on DeviantArt.) Peter Parker and Carol Danvers have been recruited by Nick Fury to help investigate a series of meteor strikes across the Earth that are carrying hostile alien symbiotes, but once they get loose and begin to spread across the planet like a virus turning the human race into monsters, Peter and Carol find themselves in an intense and terrifying battle for survival as they now must a find a way to combat the symbiotes before they consume everything.

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