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Titles Tagged “friends”

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imaginary Friends to the End by Craig McCracken

Bloo constantly waiting for Mac to drop by collapses in a comatosed state, until one day he cracked and runs out to find Mac by himself! He sets out to large places outside of Foster's where he comes across a ton of obstacles, other strange and odd imaginary friends in the public city, Meanwhile, it’s up to Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, and Cheese to find Bloo before he finds Mac.

Trailer Park Boys (American Remake) by Mike Clattenburg

An American remake of the popular Canadian TV series about a gang of misfit criminals living in and filming their daily lives in a trailer park.

The Best Men by MK

A guy, Manning, is about to get married and invites his best friends from High School to be his groomsmen. Problems arise when he cannot choose who is his best man, and his girlfriend feels that he is reverting to his high school days and acting immature, all while Manning is facing a crisis at work trying to make partner at a Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Main Character Descriptions: Manning: tall, curly hair, dresses to impress, generous Justin: cocky, muscular Eric: husky, not very bright John: witty, smart-ass, goofy, accident prone Clint: soft-spoken, muscular, protective Brett: horny, chill, cheats, …

Friends by David Crane & Marta Kauffman

If Friends Was Made Now

The Bayou by Shane Black, Ethan Cohen, and Joel Cohen

A convict, who was set up, escapes from being sent to a maximum-security prison with the help of his friends. He fakes his death to stay under the radar. Soon he takes on his former gang. Set in the 1980s and Deep South.

Beerfest (1980s) by Broken Lizard

What if Beerfest was made in the 1980s?

Adrenaline by Kevin Grevioux, Neil Marshall, Quentin Tarantino, and Jay Bonansinga

A group of adrenaline junkies and an escaped convict are hunted by a group of killers that hunt people for sport.

The Prey by Wes Craven, Stephen King, Kevin Grevioux, and Clive Barker

A group of friends spend the last weekend they have together before they all go back to their jobs. A group of convicts are being transferred to a state prison. The convicts take over their convoy, but their bus breaks down. The two groups soon cross paths briefly. The convicts go after the group of friends, while they are being tracked by a bounty hunter and two local authorites. The friends find out that the convicts aren't the only killers in the backwoods, and the convicts find out that they are no match for the evil hunting both groups down. …

Team Nathan VS Demongoat by Doc M Productions

Scientist Nathan Forester and his team of troll fighting deviants do battle against the evil reverend DG who has his twisted mind set on becoming a god and enslaving all mankind.

Monster Friends Club by Doc M Productions

The monster friends club is a gang of monsters who help other monstes find their ideal home- most of the members of this particular gang were treated unfairly by their original owner but later got a much nicer owner. Terrance Terrance is a big bear-like monster who looks kind of like Lotso from Toy Story 3 but unlike Lotso - he's not evil, he is nice and polite and always considerate. Wyatt A green slimey ghost who looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters. He loves to eat and make a big mess of things. He also loves to slime people. He …

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