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Titles Tagged “found footage”

Domination No. 9 by Skeeter Hurd

A group of astronauts discovers lost footage of aliens invading Earth. PITCH: The Blair Witch Project meets Lost meets Alien meets Dead Space. CHARACTER LIST: Kevin Thompson - He is an astronaut. Christy Newman - She is an astronaut. Stacey Elliott - She is an astronaut. Brad Duthie - He is an astronaut. Terry Moss - He is an astronaut. Trevor Charles - He is an astronaut. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sci-fi action and destruction, injury images and some language

MUTATE by John Silver; Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures

1989 - A team of 7 scientists are conducting an experiment in which a superhuman serum is developed to aid the crippled, mentally ill, and the entirely weakened to be treated of their impediments and prevail as fighters for the next secret soldier army. Some members are polarized by the direction of taking the serum for military purposes while others debate on using it as a means to cure terminal diseases. One night, a neurologist of the group makes the fatal mistake of going to the lab and ends up stealing a variety of samples for the serum, ends up …

A HALLOW NIGHT by John Silver

Everybody is getting ready for the typical spooky night of the year – Halloween. Kids are trick-or-treating, costume parties are spreading throughout the public, and everybody is looking forward to a marathon of classic horror movies. Things are different for Matthew Flynn, who doesn’t celebrate and enjoy the holiday and is forced to tag along with his pals for hours of scares and celebrating the night with horror movies and costume parties. But little do the party goers know when the Emergency Alert System advises citizens to remain indoors they make the grave mistake of letting in a colony of …

The Mayhem Team Project by Shane Black

A businessman bailed out of 6 Most Dangerous Supervillain to cause a big mayhem at his rival's house Inspiration: Project X and Suicide Squad Main Characters Bullet Time- The leader of Mayhem Team Project and he is good at shooting everyone without missed it and have ability to freeze time! Mr. Batshit- A deranged psychopath who love his baseball bat so much that he willing to use it to beat up his opponent Lady Ice- A young woman who is least-psychopath and have an ice power. She usually get angry when someone threaten her friends BurnMan- A man who is …

Cloverfield: OPERATION HAMMERDOWN by John Silver, J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Bryan Burk

A prequel/sequel/interquel to Cloverfield. Taking place before, during, and after the events of Cloverfield, a small group of soldiers are enlisted to track down the LSA (Large Scale Aggressor) and alert the United States of the next incoming attack from the creature. But after the Hammerdown, things become more convoluted when the Large Scale Aggressor survives the bombing and continues to wreck havoc along the area, with more tumultuous surprises along the way. MPAA: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences violence, disturbing images, peril, and strong language. (I was aiming for either a Godzilla 2014 style movie with dark and gritty …

The Blair Witch Project (remake) by Eduardo Sanchez

Remake of The Blair Witch Project, without CGI, special effects, still obtaining the found footage element and psychological horror used in the original.

Next Door by Gramercy Pictures, Blumhouse Productions

Upon a suburban neighborhood in California - a snobby rich kid and his friends are stalked by the Neighborhood Watch, who during the day are friendlier and welcoming to those living in the residence, but at night - are terrorizing home invaders who will stop at nothing to protect their circle of neighbors that carry a very dark and holy secret to their clan. MPAA: Rated R for horror violence, terror, sexuality/nudity, and strong language. Inspirations: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Disturbia, and The Blair Witch Project. Characters: The Residents - Dwayne Francis - A 27 year old snobby rich …

The Hangout Project by Universal Pictures (or Rogue Pictures, Paramount Pictures or 20th Century Fox)

ORIGINAL IDEA I HAD FOR A FOUND FOOTAGE SCRIPT I USED TO WRITE. Check out other ideas that I have here: Plot: A group of five friends who are uninvited by a popular student due to bullying in school plan revenge with a dose of humiliation and party crashing for fun. The break in is successful along with the party, with plenty of humiliation involved with laughs and several angry remarks. However, things take a turn for the worst when the party goers and the host are revealed to be violent, bloodthirsty mutants who stalk the five party crashers, …

SETH & SCARLETT by Tristan Hartup

A movie about the love-hate relationship between two roommates. MPAA Rating: Rated R for language including sexual references throughout.

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