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TIME JUMPER: THE PARADOX VOYAGE by Tristan Hartup and John Silver

The sequel to both my Time Jumper trilogy and MovieCriticGamer's Time Jumper prequel. Just when time jumper John Hawke thought he was at peace, having saved both the future and the love of his life, and solve the mystery of forgotten past, the fabric of time and space suddenly rips open causing every time line and dimension to clash together, faced with the task of repair everything John suddenly runs into former government scientist and the world's first time jumper Leland Reese and begins an intense battle for survival as they try to figure out who's behind this all. Comparison ...

Fraggle Rock: The Movie by James Byrkit and Alex Manugian

The Fraggles travel from beneath the Rock and finally make contact with the human world.

SKIES THAT RAIN UPON THE DEAD by "Red Book" by Tristan Hartup, "One Night Of Hell" by John Tyler

Tayden Holt has been released from a mental institution after being driven to the very edge of sanity by the satanic forces of a red book that belonged to the Hawkins, a long existing family of santanists. But so after, he has a cryptic premonition depicting the end of the world with the mention of the Hawkins and the Grahams, a family of black magic practitioners from Rodgers Grave, Illinois. Teaming up a young tormented wiccan and a fanatic parapsychologist, Tayden goes on a terrifying and dangerous journey to uncover the links and history of the two families together as ...

I WANT ANNE HATHAWAY! by Warner Bros. Pictures

What if Anne Hathaway got her own "Being John Malkovich" film? Jonathan Slater is Anne Hathaway's biggest fan and want to meet her so badly that he end up seeing all people with Anne Hathaway's face He shout "WHERE ARE YOU, ANNE HATHAWAY?!!!!!" Jonathan have a lot of Anne Hathaway's picture over at his house and have a bunch of Movie Collection of Anne Hathaway Main Character Jonathan Slater- Anne Hathaway's biggest fan who want ANNE HATHAWAY Anne Hathaway- A Hollywood Actress who is worried about Jonathan because he want to meet her so badly Liz Murdock- Jonathan's ex-girlfriend who ...

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures by Bandai Namco, 41 Entertainment

Pacman saves pacworld from ghosts with his friends Cyli and Spiral.

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Pacman saves pacworld from ghosts with his friends Cyli and Spiral.

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