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Titles Tagged “erotic thriller”

Basic Instinct by Paul Verhoeven

a Remake of the 1992 Michael Douglas/Sharon Stone film


Jill Stephenson makes her way to Los Angeles where she pestered by the constant news of a well-known Hollywood couple who are rumoured to be tied with the occult, but after saving the couple's lives, Jill begins to recognise and sense signs of the occult and soon decides to get close to the couple to find out more, inadvertently having an intense affair with both individually. Until Jill finds herself in great danger as disturbing secrets about the couple are revealed and her presence is made well aware by a group of people who may have connections to her mysterious …

CONCRETE by Tristan Hartup

Former pro athlete Danny Rothart and his journalist fiancé August are fast approaching their wedding day, but both are held back by their contradictions: Danny spends his days alone longing for his glory days and his former playboy lifestyle, August is a determined workaholic giving herself no free time and trying really hard to achieve her hopes and dreams. So, behind each other's backs, they decide to go off and explore their own personal desires, until the harsh consequences begin to sink in. MPAA Rating: Rated NC-17 for some explicit sexual content. Supporting Characters: Oliver Dansen - August's charismatic editor …

Crimes of Passion by Ken Russel

A sportswear designer leads a double life as a hooker named China Blue. One of her clients, a divorced man, decides he loves her and figures out who she is. He then begins wooing her, which she fights against since he was a client. Meanwhile a street preacher works the red light district trying to save souls. He decides to save China's immortal soul and begins hounding her. Eventually he gets out of hand and the man in love with her must try to help her. (

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