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Starlet by Nicolas Winding Refn

A man tries to find out about the disappearance of his daughter while discovering a hidden world of child sex trafficking, drug dealing and murder. MPAA Rating: R for strong disturbing perverse sexual content and behavior, graphic nudity, pervasive language and some drug use - some involving children

Vilnius by Justin Haythe, Terry Rossio

Soldiers fight for their lives and survival through tragic occurrences and luck in war torn Lithuania. MPAA rating: R for realistically graphic bloody war violence throughout, sexual references, brief graphic nudity and pervasive language

GRAY MATTER by John Silver

A happily married couple's relationship is tested when only one of them is given a ticket to live on the Moon for eternity. The wife suffers from a terminally ill disease and would love to see the Moon one last time while the husband wants to spend his last moments with his wife and head to the Moon in hopes of finding a secret to immortality. However, as the Earth begins to fall apart due to lack of environmental resources and care for the planet, the wife is forced to travel on the spaceship, leaving her husband behind and discovers ...

RED LIGHT by John Silver

PLOT: Flynn Johnson, a young rookie cop in Atlanta suffers from long-term insomnia after killing his veteran partner by accident during a tedious investigation. Drunk and burned out of the incident, Flynn is transferred to the Los Angeles unit for a bizarre twist of events. A murder has taken place in which an honest cop was killed while receiving calls over a neighbor who is accused of drug possession. Knowing that there is more to the case, the young cop gets into the underworld of drugs and corruption as his sanity is pushed to the brink of psychotic breakdown as ...

The Beloved Brat by Arthur Lubin

a Remake of the 1939 classic

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Roxy Rocket

A young woman becomes a superhero after being amputated in a car crash. MPAA Rating: ...

Ruby Sparks (1992)

What if it was made more than 20 years earlier?


a Remake of the Cult 1972 classic

The Beloved Brat

a Remake of the 1939 classic


Another spin-off from Bulletproof Clash.


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