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Closet Monsters: The Movie by Doc M Productions

A movie all about Nathan Forester and his monster friends as they go around stopping the forces of evil. NOTE: This is my own casting and each monster character has to be played by the actor they are based on, so please no suggestions like Ricky Geravis or anything. Characters: Nathan/Growler: My closet monster persona. He is a weregrinch resembling Jim Carrey's version of the title character from How The Grinch Stole Christmas, he is also quite mysterious and intelligent - he's also a scientist and grinchologist. Has green fur, claws, sharp white fangs, a long mane of dark green …

Monster World: New Recruits by Doc M Productions

A movie about the newest additions to Nathan's monster gang. Luthor: Luthor is a laidback, but at the same time fun-loving demon who sometimes resides on Spooky Island with his several different brothers and cousins, he very much resembles the one from the live action Scooby Doo movie. He likes watching horror movies as well as shows like Are You Afraid Of The Dark. He has very powerful demon breath but he only uses it when he needs to. Darwin: Darwin is a weregrinch much like Growler and he works at the local movie theatre, he is similar to Crazy …

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