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Mongolian Death Worms (2023) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); James Gunn (written by); Edgar Wright (directed by).

(The eighth of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) An adventurer and his camera operator head to the most desolate parts of the Gobi desert to shoot a documentary, ignoring the warnings from the locals of “large intestine worms” that are thick-bodied, live underground and can kill at a distance, either by spraying a venom that can corrode metal or by means of electric discharge (for which they can do both). Characters: Gabriel: The adventurer. Louis: Gabriel's best friend and camera operator.

Lizard Man (2023) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); Alex Garland (written by); Denis Villeneuve (directed by).

(The seventh of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) Initially inhabiting the swampland areas in and around Lee County, South Carolina, the story is told through the eyes of the reptilian humanoid cryptid throughout its scientific experimentation (due to its naturally vicious nature, the unapproachable creature has to be heavily sedated with tranquilizers and strapped down beforehand) after its secret capture. 7 feet tall, bipedal, bulky and covered in dark green scaly skin with glowing orange eyes and three toes on each foot and three fingers on each hand, the Lizard Man has an incredible degree of strength (more …

Thunderbird (2022) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); Max Borenstein (written by); Steven Soderbergh (directed by).

(The sixth of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) An Arctic expedition during winter gets even worse for the group when they become hunted by a bird-like creature that, along with having a wingspan that is twenty-five feet in length, is as large as a small passenger airplane. Each of the human characters (five men, one woman) in the expedition crew are all put to good use with all of them having their central moments to shine in the story, as well as their characters having background and development. Characters: Henry: Crew Member #1. Charlie: Crew Member #2. Ruby …

Nessie (2022) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); Joss Whedon, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (written by); Drew Goddard (directed by).

(The fifth of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) A boat crew of six are being targeted by a legendary sea monster, believed to be anything from a hoax to wishful thinking to being the misidentification of a mundane object in the scientific community, who is searching for her wandering offspring that they have captured. Characters: Neil Pfeiffer: The male lead and the human antagonist. Violent, greedy and opportunistic, he is an American crew member who is desperate for the fame of capturing an infant Loch Ness Monster, even if it means himself holding it hostage from its mother …

Jersey Devil (2021) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); Robert Eggers, Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes (written by); Robert Eggers (directed by).

(The fourth of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) A husband, his wife, their 17 year old daughter and 6 year old son move to a house in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, unaware of the stories that it is said to be the home of a legendary creature. Characters: Jake Parker: Father. Samantha “Sam” Parker: Mother. Vanessa Parker: Daughter. Andrew Parker: Son. Lloyd: Already traveling through the area to investigate the legend of the creature and, unannounced, he unexpectedly visits the family to inform them of the stories and to also warn them of the possibility …

Mothman (2021) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); Frank Darabont (written by); David Cronenberg (directed by).

(The third of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) Lloyd, a disgraced, world traveling scientist who once worked for the government that has gone rogue against his mainstream colleagues and believes in the existence of cryptid creatures travels to Point Pleasant in West Virginia to investigate the recent sightings of a legendary creature that has seemed to have resurfaced since its alleged connection to the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967, all the while a mysterious visitor who, simply known as “The Visitor”, is the government's leading man in black and he, along with his group, is attempting …

Sasquatch (2020) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); David Robert Mitchell (written by); Jennifer Kent (directed by).

(The second of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) While stranded on a camping trip alone without a car or a cell phone on the account of herself not wanting to communicate with the world, a social outcast with a dark, tragic past named Judith Bailey finds herself having to fight for survival against a hidden creature lurking in the woods. She is in the territory of a legendary creature whose existence is discounted by scientists. The story relies entirely on the shoulders of a single character (Judith Bailey) as, outside of Sasquatch and the post-credits scene involving the …

Chupacabra (2020) by JacobK and TravisAccubak1000 (certain liberties) (story by); Clive Barker and Kevin Grevioux (written by); Jaume Collet-Serra (directed by).

(The first of the ten installments in the “CryptoVerse” series) Off the coast of Brazil, a group of miners find something at their work site. They are soon mutilated and drained of blood by an unknown entity wreaking havoc along the island. A task force is sent to the island to rescue the CEO of the company who is still alive and stationed somewhere on the island. When they get there, they find very little signs of recent human activity. Soon they are being hunted by a creature that is legendary in folklore, unknown to science and was initially believed …

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