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Batman (FX TV Series) by Bob Kane & FX

What if FX made a live-action Batman TV series loosely based on Batman: Year One, Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, Beware the Batman, Hush and Court of Owls?

Traffic by Skeeter Hurd

An disgruntled teacher gets revenge on traffickers who kidnaps a teenage daughter of a imprisoned mob boss who happens to be a prostitute. (NOTE: It's an ensemble cast.) PITCH: It's like Taxi Driver meets the Godfather meets Taken. CHARACTER LIST: Lenny - He is a teacher by day, a taxi driver by night. Nancy - She is Lenny's wife. Tabitha - She is Lenny and Nancy's daughter. Alice - She is another teacher of the school. Ronnie - He is another teacher of the school. Jen - She is another teacher of the school. Tony - He is another teacher …

Joker (1980s) by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver

If Joker was made in the 1980s, who would you cast?

Chinatown by Skeeter Hurd

A story of four Chinese American teenagers growing up in organized crime in Chinatown, Manhattan. PITCH: It's like Stand by Me meets Goodfellas meets Sicario. CHARACTER LIST: Bo - He is a photojournalist Dong - He is a drug dealer. Han - He is Dong's partner in crime. Kang - He is Bo's childhood friend. Lin - He is a drug lord. He is also Han's older brother. Shen - He is an arms dealer. Mei - She is Bo's friend and love interest. Gang - He is an mob boss. Jun - He is one of Gang's henchmen. Tao …

Fight Club (1949) by David Fincher

Fight Club made 50 years earlier

The Coen Brothers' The Departed by Martin Scorsese

What if The Coen Brothers directed The Departed

Quentin Tarantino's The Departed by Martin Scorsese

What if Quentin Tarantino directed The Departed?

Bones by New Line Cinema

If 2001 Bones was Made a Remake?

BLUE by Tristan Hartup

Billionaire weapons-tech moguls Zachary Shields and Cornelius Wrice have been in the midst of an increasingly heated rivalry in recent years, rambunctious and self-centred playboy Shields had inherited his father's company and intends to push its cooperate capabilities into a new age as he plans to develop and unveil a revolutionary new product, whilst the suave and self-made Wrice finds his own company dangerously on verge of bankruptcy and figures his only salvation is for both their companies to merge as one, but with every merger proposal being arrogantly turned down, Wrice now decides to take extreme measures to save …

Joker (1990s) by Todd Phillips

If Joker had come out in the 1990s.

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Batman (FX TV Series)

What if FX made a live-action Batman TV series loosely based on Batman: Year One, …

The Darjeeling Limited (1997)

What if The Darjeeling Limited made 10 years earlier?

Helluva Boss (2009)

What if Helluva Boss was made 10 years earlier?

A Rick Astley Movie

1980's singer plays a remarkable character in this live action movie about a falling in …


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