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Fatal Break by Eric Heisserer

A cop teams up with an CIA agent to track down a Triad member in Hong Kong to find his missing daughter. CHARACTERS LIST: Dan Middleton - An off duty cop who is addicted to heroin. Sean Lucas - A CIA agent who is now fired for weapon possession. Lu Yao - A member of the Hong Kong Triads. Xin Ji - The only female member of the Hong Kong Triads. Jess Middleton - Dan's wife. Kristy Middleton - The oldest daughter of Dan and Jess Middleton and was kidnapped by Triads. Kylie Middleton - The middle child of Dan ...

Going in Style (2027) by Zach Braff

Going in Style made 10 years later.

Killer Love Story by Justin Haythe

A man hires a hitman to kill his wife and daughter. MPAA Rating: R for disturbing violent content, bloody killings, nudity and language

Chandler Boys by Jordan Halloway

In 1988 Arizona, an aimless clerk typist hires his nervous neighbor, a prostitute, to pretend to be his fiancee, and collect a large inheritance in East Germany from his deceased uncle, being careful that his presence goes undetected by his successful, manipulative, playboy half-brother. Not only do the faux-couple's visit creates a circumstantial decision leading to a horrible discovery, but the brother's newfound relationship of crime, deceit, and rise to fame are caught in the eyes of a young, promising CIA agent, determined to pocket his agenda and inhabitable sins in the past.

American Gangster (2017) by Ridley Scott

If American Gangster was made 10 years later.

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