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When It Falls by Skeeter Hurd, Lionsgate

Two African American young women discover love and romance in the 1990s. (NOTE: I want a black female director to direct it. Cast African Americans actresses only.) PITCH: It's a female version of Moonlight. CHARACTER LIST: Krystal - She is a high school student. Keisha - She is a Krystal's love interest. MPAA Rating: R for sexuality, nudity, language and drug use - all involving teens

Average Girl by Skeeter Hurd

A middle aged man discovers sexual feelings for a teenage girl. CHARACTER LIST: Will - He is a 50-something man. Patty - She is a sexually confused young woman who lusts after Will. Josh - He is Patty's boyfriend. Tina - She is Patty's mother. Paul - He is Patty's father. Skye - She is Patty's younger sister. Alison - She is Patty's best friend. Mr. Kohler - He is the teacher of the school. Ms. Green - She is also teacher of the school. Principal Dawson - He is the principal of the school. MPAA Rating: R for perverse …

A Sweet and Simple Harmony by Skeeter Hurd and Ric Morrison

In the early 1980s as disco ends, and the world begins to change a young rising pop singer Haven Price befriends a young man Ronny Edwards who is down on his luck. The two have a close friendship throughout the decade with the occasional romance. Their friendship last until 1999 when Ronny hears on the news that Haven who is now a major star in the music industry has died in a plane crash. Character List Haven Price-A beautiful Singer Ronald “Ronny” Edwards-A depressed, southern, High School dropout David Frasier-Haven's middle aged manager, and occasional lover. Brandi Long-Ronny's girlfriend/wife Mavis …

UNCONVENTIONAL by Tristan Hartup

Sheltered and emotionally stunted teenager Mark Bolton has spent most of his life on the move with his paranoid and stressed out mother who had been desperately trying to keep his existence a secret from the rest of the world. From birth, Mark had inherited unique telekinetic powers from some unknown force and has been living on the run in order to avoid being apprehended by government officials out of the fear that he might be experimented on and possibly turned into a weapon of war. But Mark soon decides that he's had enough of this life and he just …

Call Me By Your Name (1987) by Luca Guadanigno

What if Call Me By Your Name was made 30 years earlier?

Everything that Glitters is Not Gold by Dan Seals/Paramount Pictures

David Wheatstone has an estranged wife Lacey Sanderson popular on the national livestock rodeo circuit. He is left alone to raise their daughter Casey. He and Casey compete at various rodeo competitions. Throughout their travels, David mentions Casey's constant curiosity about her mother. David falls short of answers Casey can understand, especially since his wife does not keep in contact with them. Despite the estrangement, he still loves his wife and nurses a hope that one day they will reunite. Character List David Wheatstone-A 37 year old struggling rodeo performer Lacey Sanderson- David's estranged wife who is in her early …

The Kissing Booth(80s) by Vince Marcello

what if the new Netflix was release in the 80s

The New Mutants (2009) by Josh Boone

New Mutants made 10 years earlier

KIDS by Harmony Korine

The 1995 film Kids if it came out today

American History X (1978) by David McKenna

If American History X was made 20 years earlier.

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