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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? by William Rose

A remake of the 1967 film.

Mrs Doubtfire Returns by Matthew Jenner

Daniel Hillard tries to become the drama teacher at his children's school, but they will not accept him to the role. He decides to bring out his old persona - Mrs Doubtfire, and becomes the drama teacher…

What the Dickens? by Matthew Jenner

A biopic about Charles Dickens

Roald by Matthew Jenner

A biopic about one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, Roald Dahl. Dahl's famous characters come to life in his dream sequences when he is writing his books

Lost In Morocco - The Making Of Casablanca by Matthew Jenner

Ernest Oswald conducts interviews with the actors and crew of teh classic movie CASABLANCA, and includes all the drama and scandal behind the scenes

Into Oz: The Making of the Yellow Brick Road by Matthew Jenner

A sequel to “Going with the Wind”, just this time, it is a mockumentary on the making of the Wizard of Oz. It covers all the trauma, including the quick re-casting of the Tin Man after Buddy Ebsen left

Going With the Wind by Matthew Jenner

A film about the making of one of the greatest movies ever made: Gone with the Wind. It is in the form of a documentary, with a fictional journalist, Ernest Oswald, conducting the interviews with directors and stars

Con Men by Matthew Jenner

A Black Comedy about two con men, Todd Cassidy and Clark Abner, who travel from Las Vegas all the way to California in an attempt to create the biggest con of all: Selling potion that makes you live forever.

A Bad Day for Tibor Carter by Matthew Jenner

Tibor Carter is a semi-retired Russian-American jeweler that lives in Manhattan with his wife . One day, he meets John Dean Fisher, a “doctor”. They become friends over the next few days, but John suddenly goes missing. Tibor discovers that John was actually a con man who stole his identity and is now living the good life on Tibor's money. Tibor must now track John down and “eliminate” him,but the Mafia, The Corrupt Police and the FBI stand in his way, thanks to John's bribery.

Batman Origins: Two Face by Matthew Jenner

A movie dedicated to Harvey Dent, and shows his rise from being a small city lawyer, then district attorney and to have it all ruined by becoming TWO-FACE

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