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Hollywood Town by Warner Bros. Pictures

The film takes a snapshot of people involved in the film businesses in 1950s Golden Age of Hollywood. It has 24 main characters Main Characters Edgar Wolfe- A tough but conflicted "fixer" who is having affair with a young Hollywood actress Susan Goldstein- A young Hollywood actress who is having affair with Edgar Wolfe Mary Wolfe- Edgar's wife who doesn't know about Edgar having affair with Susan Tyrone Doyle- A Hollywood Biggest Star who is trying to make his son more famous than him Barry Carraway- A film director and Tyrone's friend who is reluctant to cast Tyrone's son in ...

THREE MONTHS by Tristan Hartup, suggested by MovieCriticGamer

Three stories about facing new beginnings, conquering fears whilst overcoming boundaries, and overcoming the grief of severe losses. STORY #1 - April: A recent college graduate struggles to make a new life for himself while living the tragic experience of surviving a brutal car wreck killed his pregnant longterm girlfriend for which he blames himself for causing. STORY #2 - May: A teenage girl struggles to cope with her closeted lesbianism and finds herself falling in love with her best friend despite that her best friend is raised in a devout Christian family. STORY #3 - June: A young Japanese ...

Regular Show by J.G. Quintel and Edgar Wright

it revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park. Their regular attempts to slack off usually lead to surreal, extreme, and often supernatural misadventures.

Blood Pie by Andrew Milito

A typical lunch order for an everyday Joe turns into an intense game of cat-and-mouse as he finds himself being pursued by a ruthless pizza delivery man with violent intentions. Comparison pitch: American Ultra with hints of The Terminator, No Country for Old Men, and American Psycho. Rated R for violence and pervasive language.

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (2021) by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon

Bill and Ted: Bogus Journey made 30 years later.

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