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Titles Tagged “comedy”

Central Intelligence (2026) by Rawson Marshall Thuber,Warner Bros Pictures

What if Central Intelligence was made 10 years Later

There's Something About Mary (2008) by Peter and Bobby Farrelly

There's Something About Mary made 10 years later.

Red (2020) by Robert Schwentke

Red made 10 years later.

The Proposal (2019) by Anne Fletcher

The Proposal made 10 years later.

CHASING KNIGHTS by Tristan Hartup

Tyler Knight is hot-headed and reckless young spy, he claims to do things in his style and his covert operations frequently result in mayhem, chaos and almost getting himself killed and because of this, the United Nations want his head. But despite all this, he's considered the CIA's best and he constantly says that he's doing what he was told to do: Handle the situation any way he can. And despite his hot-headed, reckless and destructive attitude in his work life, he's actually very lonely and has a difficult social life. But when a new mission goes south, Tyler is ...

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Paul Thomas Anderson's Gone Girl

What if Paul Thomas Anderson directed Gone Girl?

Kingdom Come (DC Universe 90's version)

In this Elseworld's epic saga, The Man of Steel, and the Justice League, have delayed ...

Hello Goodbye

SYNOPSIS: Two people, both of whom are clearly in love with one another and yet ...

Rise of the Guardians (2002)

What if Rise of the Guardians was released in 2002 ? What would it be ...

Grey Anatomy with Musicians



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