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The Batman IV:Under the Killing Love by Benjamin Shirasb

Second Robin,Jason Todd is dead,Joker Killed him And Made batman Feel Angry,Many Times Batman Wanted to End Joker But His Feeling Didn't agree the choice,Now Batman's Old Friend Has been Returned to Gotham,Oswald Cobblepot,He have some Cotent with Black mask,Batman is Very Ready to Bring the Syndicate Down,With Harvey Dent's Death,Jason Todd Death,Thomas Elliot betrayal,batman Need Help to bring down a New threat,a Anti-Hero Rogue man with Red mask comes to Gotham,THE RED HOOD,Meanwhile,Joker and Harley Falls in Love,But Joker wants to Corrupt batman,Because of that Harley make a plan and that is show batman Everyone have a Bad day,including …

The Batman I:Rise of a Gaurdian by Benjamin Shirasb

When Little bruce Lose his parents,Officer Gordon and Alfred pennyworth help him and employee Dr.Leslie Thompkins,Psycoligys of Gotham to help him,Few years Later,Bruce wayne travels arround the world and learn many things from Society.He meet Ra's Al Ghul and He trains wayne to Control his feelings and meet his Fears.When Bruce Returns,He notice during this years Liutenant Gordon Fought the Crime from Carmine Falcone,Harvey Dent Returns from Chicago Police Department to his town,Gotham,with his Sidekick,Inspector Richard Grayson,Who notice that bruce is batman,Bruce start crime fighting against the Joker,Falcone,Deathstroke.

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