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Pretty Cure Heavy Metal by Ryan Froula

In a world where music, especially rock, is an integral part of life, a land of Satanists threatens to take over. One all-girl heavy metal band must stop this Satanist threat before things go out of hand.

Pretty Cure ~ Mirai Spark! by CyanFox27

Kyukai City proudly calls itself home to Mirai Academy, but in the distant past, it was also the battleground for a war between humans and the Demon Empire. Although said Empire appeared to be winning initially, the five brave young women at the forefront of the rebellion received mystical aid from some benevolent spirits. They transformed into the warriors Pretty Cure, and beat back the invasion, sealing them in their own separate dimension. The Empire made another effort under the guidance of their leader, Devil King Asseimera, fifteen years ago, necessitating the awakening of a new generation of Cures. Henkomera, …

Pretty Cure Full Color by xdisc

The Realm of Sky is the one that protects the weather of all worlds, and to protect this, the ruler of this realm, Princess Sora, has four magical objects, known as the Season Keys, that represents each one of the seasons: Autumn, a falling leaf, Winter, a frozen branch, Spring, a shining bud, and Summer, a warm stick. Each of these objects protect and maintain the balance in all the worlds. Everything was in peace, until an evil organization called Neomonde, ruled by a cruel but mysterious man, attempted to steal the Season Keys in order to destroy the balance …

Futari wa Pretty Cure Flash Fire by flamingruby

Since time immemorial, there's been a paradise seperate from our world called the Crystal Plains. In this world filled with always sunny weather, mystical creatures, and untold treasure, melodies and music will sometimes take the form of a note shaped gem if the melody is one that needs to be remembered. Since these gems can only hold so much of a melody, a song usually needs multiple notes to make a complete melody. Because of this, a popular game on the plains is treasure hunting for note gems, with the first one to complete a set and a melody winning. …

Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy by Bia Hoshigo (Cure Shabon)

Many years ago, a great evil struck the Scent Kingdom, a kingdom in an alternate dimension. Their last hope was a team of five superpowered girls, Pretty Cure, who easily managed to destroy this great evil and bring peace back to the kingdom. However, several years later, the organization of Karlix appears, in plans to obtain the Angelic Dandelion and rule the world. After Karlix causes havoc in the Scent Kingdom, the current prince and princess, skunks Lavvie and Lotus, are sent to Earth, more specifically to the small town of Oriyama, where they are charged of managing a perfume …

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