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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2004) by Wes Anderson

The Grand Budapest Hotel made 10 years earlier.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2019) by Wes Anderson

fantastic mr fox made 10 years later.


Movie Critic Legends turned executives in Hollywood (Ridley and Calvin) are now on the blacklist by mysterious individuals for aiding professional actor Anthony Wayne to prevent chick-flick cliches in his supposedly breakthrough movie and are labeled "insubordinate" to the film industry. A few months later, Eric Wayne, who is Anthony Wayne's older brother, accidentally finds the two movie critics working at a coffee shop and brings them both to his secret basement, where they discover his machine that is capable of publicizing real but controversial stories of the truth behind the blacklist. People who are defiant towards a secret elite ...

ALPHA AND OMEGA - BLACK WOLF VS TERMINATOR by Black Wolf by John Silver, Terminator by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd

Crossover between my title Black Wolf (spin-off to Lone Wolf) with The Terminator franchise. After coming to terms with his traumatic past and regaining most of his memory, Black Wolf, (formerly known as humanoid soldier RAGE; real name is Sean Hawkins) is now working for the government's most secretive task force to aid soldiers on missions overseas. But during a dangerous mission where the soldiers and Black Wolf discover a large machine that is capable of transporting one forward or back to time, Black Wolf activates the machine and decides to head to another timeline in order to see what ...

TIME JUMPER: THE PARADOX VOYAGE by Tristan Hartup and John Silver

The sequel to both my Time Jumper trilogy and MovieCriticGamer's Time Jumper prequel. Just when time jumper John Hawke thought he was at peace, having saved both the future and the love of his life, and solve the mystery of forgotten past, the fabric of time and space suddenly rips open causing every time line and dimension to clash together, faced with the task of repair everything John suddenly runs into former government scientist and the world's first time jumper Leland Reese and begins an intense battle for survival as they try to figure out who's behind this all. Comparison ...

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Crossover between my title Black Wolf (spin-off to Lone Wolf) with The Terminator franchise. After ...

Resident Evil (2012)

Resident Evil made 10 years later. A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer ...


Riley Connors has always been incredibly shy around people, he is uncomfortable with big crowds ...

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2004)

The Grand Budapest Hotel made 10 years earlier.

Small Soldiers 2

SYNOPSIS: A sequel to the 1998 cult classic Small Soldiers, taking place twenty years after ...


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