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A Nightmare on Elm Street (The TV Series) by Wes Craven

From the Creator of Scream: the TV Series. What if A Nightmare on Elm Street will Be a Television Series Like Child's Play TV Series Based on A Nightmare on Elm Street Trilogy MMPA Rated: TV-MA

A Nightmare on Elm Street (SNL Cast) by Lorne Michaels

Cast SNL Members in A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Nightmare on Elm Street: The Nancy Thompson/ Kristen Parker/Alice Johnson Saga by Wes Craven

Based on the third, fourth and fifth Nightmare on Elm Street films Featuring Nancy Thompson, Kristen Parker and Alice Johnson.

Nightmare On Elm Street by New Line Cinema

Remake has been announced. Robert Englund will not return as Freddy.

A Nightmare on Elm Street by Wes Craven

Nancy is having nightmares, violent nightmares about a mysterious badly burned man with razor ringered glove on his right hand that calls himself Freddy. When she realizes that her friends have the same nightmares and that one by one they are being brutally murdered in her sleep she turns to her father who does not believe her and thinks her to be crazy. And she finds out the horrible truth behind Freddy's rampage she decides to take action and bring the dream murderer out of dreamland and into the real world where she can send him straight to where he …

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash by Ronny Yu

One of the story ideas that has been batted around inside New Line Cinema for a FREDDY VS. JASON 2 is to bring in EVIL DEAD's sarcastic hero Ash for a showdown between Elm Street's dreamlord and Camp Crystal Lake's unstoppable maniac.

Freddy Versus Jason 2 by Wes Craven and Victor Miller

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees return…again.

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