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The X-Men:Salvation by Marc Webb

An altrenate story and cast of X-men by Marc Webb.

The X-Men:Salvation by Marc Webb

An altrenate story and cast of X-men by Marc Webb.

THE UNCANNY X-MEN (Based on characters from Marvel) by Giovanni Garcia, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Marvel, and, John Silver

My entry for Volume 2 of the Marvel Rebirth Franchise; my take on X-Men, ignoring the Fox Universe and going down a more grounded, character developing route. Mutants are as of yet unknown to the world at large. Professor Xavier however is once such mutant with the ability to communicate telepathically with others. This aspiring idealist wants to ready the world for the eventual reveal of Mutants and promote peaceful co existence. For this very purpose, he has trained and educated five gifted youngsters he calls the X-Men to be the poster children and foremost representatives of Mutantkind and what ...

Infinity Crisis (Part 2 - X-Men) by Alex Luthor

A large paradox surrounds space and time itself as not only do The Avengers face the X-Men and Justice League, but... everyone! (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Godzilla, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Alien, Predator, Mortal Kombat, King Kong, Pacific Rim, Terminator, It, Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters, Dragon Ball Z, Super Smash Bros, and Rick & Morty)

Logan (2007) by Marvel

If Marvel had made Logan in 2007

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February 1959

The biopic of three musicians, Ritchie Valens, age 17, J.P. Richardson(The Big Bopper), age 28, ...

The Bodyguard

what if the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston film was release today.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2028)

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom made 10 years later

The Witches

a new take on The Witches is in the works.

The Boxcar Children

Based on the children's book of the same name, the boxcar children follows 4 orphans ...


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