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the Marvel Netflix shows by Netflix

what if the Marvel Netflix shows all premiered in the 80s

The Fosters(80s) by Bradley Bredewig

what if the FreeForm show The Fosters Premiered in the 80s.

Dr. Leo Marvin by Disney Channel

A young man was Bill Henderson (Jimmy Bennett) was in orphan in New York City. He meets Dr. Leo Marvin who was having a summer vacation. Dr. Marvin hates Bob Wiley for his job. Few years later, Bill is asking Dr. Marvin to have a vacation. He refused to him as an orphan boy from the foster house. Bill is only 18 years old to keep it safe with Dr. Marvin as father figure.

Batman: Gotham Crusader by FOX

A sequel series to Fox's Gotham

American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson (1996) by Ryan Murphy

If The First Season Of American Crime Story Had Been Made 20 Years Earlier.

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Hacksaw Ridge (1956)

What if the Mel Gibson WWII biopic were made 60 years earlier?


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