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Titles Tagged “Shadow the Hedgehog”

Sonic: Planet of Chaos (New Anime Series) by SEGA

An All-New Anime Series featuring The Fastest Thing Alive! Join Sonic and a team of freedom fighters in their new adventures to stop the evil Dr. Robotnik and collect the Chaos Emeralds to free Planet Mobius!

Sonic Adventure 3 Battle (2019 Nintendo Wii-U, Nintendo 3DS, PS3 and Xbox 360 game) by Sega/Nintendo

There's trouble going around Station Square, and everything's going crazy from being turned into stone statues and getting body switched. Luckily, Sonic and his fellow team mates help 1 another to save the universe.

Sonic X (season 4) and Sonic Super Blast by Funimation and Sega productions

Sonic X season 4 is where season 3 had left off while Sonic Super Blast is the new Sonic X sequel show airing on Nickelodeon in 2019.

Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Revenge of the Eclipse by Sonic Team

What If Shadow the Hedgehog 2 New Heroes and New Villians On Xbox One and Playstation 4

Sonic Auditions Ep. 07: Shadow by Anyone

Lucky episode 7 has it, the voice of Sonic's Rival Shadow the Hedgehog is next in the prize list of Auditions.

Sonic Adventure 2 by Sega

Sonic gets arrested by the G.U.N military troops but is mistaken by the black badass Shadow the Hedgehog. Dr. Eggman is still collecting the Chaos Emeralds to conquer the universe. Will Sonic save the world in peace or Shadow will cause chaos to the planet earth. U decide?

Shadow the Hedgehog by Sonic Team

Shadow needs to collect the 7 chaos emeralds to recover his past and stop Black Doom.

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