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Be Careful With What You Love by Tom Ford

A sequel to Nocturnal Animals. Like the first film, it has two story-lines: one in the real world and one in a book written by Edward Sheffield. The real world story-line follows Edward as he contemplates his actions during the event of the first film, after Susan sends him another message in response to him standing her up at the restaurant. He wonders whether or not he did the right thing. As a form of therapy, he pretends to have conversations with people who are not there. Some of them are characters from his books, while others are people who ...

Return to Amity Island by Peter Benchley

Based on the characters by Peter Benchley. The film is set on Amity Island, 45 years after the original shark attack that occurred in 1975 (Jaws 2-4 did NOT occur). Michael Brody, now 55, is married and has 2 children (one pre-adult son and one teenage daughter). They are living in the same bay home on Amity Island that Michael grew up in. The film begins with the sun rising over the sea, just to the east of Amity. The distant sound of seagulls chirping slowly turns into a catholic strain of bag pipe music. The camera focuses on a ...

FRIDAY THE 13TH: JASON'S REAL by Sean S. Cunningham & Victor Miller, Greg Alba & John Humphey, Tristan Hartup

The sequel to my Friday the 13th reboot:, and the second instalment of the Slasherverse (A shared cinematic universe comprising of the classic slasher horror villains from the '70s and '80s). Little over a year after the events of the first movie, high school outcast Kevin O'Donnell is in a maximum security institution for the criminally insane for being accused of the murders of Becky Gardner, Dylan Hoffner, Brian Kessler, Kiera Longford and Pamela Voorhees. Though Kevin desperately pleads that he didn't do it and that it was Jason Voorhees but try as he might, no one believes him. ...

Stealing Trumps Hair by Bruce McCulloch

A Sequel to Stealing Harvard and set 16 years after first film. Walter 'Duff' Duffy (Tom Green) teams up with Ricardo Washington (J.B.Smoove) to shave Donald Trumps hair off to sell for a million dollars

POWER CREW: THE DARK INQUISITOR by Tristan Hartup, John Silver, Vincent Garcia, Giovanni Garcia

Reports have shown up across the globe of massive prison breaks with every criminal, terrorist and even the last of the Necrodrakes forming a powerful army, these breaks and the formation of the army are orchestrated by a mysterious, deadly and powerful black masked figure known only as the Dark Inquisitor, who turns out to be the head agent for the international terrorist organisation CHIMERA. He informs the world that he is creating a powerful army to find the whereabouts of two former Power Crew members: time jumper John Hawke and vampire Hildred Weekes, and to use their powers to ...

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