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The Invaders Part 2 by Skeeter Hurd

If the Invaders return with a sequel as they have grown up and become adults. CHARACTER LIST: Gavin Daniels - He is a college student who has aspirations of becoming a police officer. Ethan Washington - He is a college dropout who works as a video game designer. Roxy Riley - She is a brainy young woman who is interested in being an scientist. Kiyomi Kagawa - She is a young woman with Aspergers syndrome who works at a group home. Krystal Shannon - She is a young woman who works at Dunkin Donuts. Tessa Franklin - She is now ...

New Members for Justice League 2 by Warner Brothers

Casting Possible characters that should be in Justice league sequel.

Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan

It starts a 3rd epic chapter, Percy is challenged by Manticore (half-human, half-lion) as he brings two new demi-gods into battle-combat. Annabeth is kidnapped and the general of the Titans decides to release a skeleton army into the world. Percy and four friends must go on a perilous journey to get everything right, even though the Camp’s Oracle has prophesied that not all of them will survive…

My Little Pony Movie 2: Ponies Into Outer Space by Hasbro, Allspark Pictures, Lionsgate, DHX Media, Jayson Thiessen

A giant whirlwind sends Gerald, Sebastian, the weasels, Phil, Discord and the ostriches to outer space and they need to get back home to Equestria. Along the way, they met new friends who were also stuck in space years ago, and evil alien ponies who wanted to capture Gerald and his friends and destroy the Earth. MMPA Rated PG: for mild action and rude humor

The Powerpuff Girls Movie 3: All Villains Attack! (2010) by Craig McCracken

The Powerpuff Girls fight all Villains while also discovering the true secrets of Chemical X!

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Through The Wastelands (80s)

If The Invaders was made in the 80s

Suicide Squad (Younger Cast)

Suicide Squad was made with a younger cast

Through The Wastelands (All Grown Up)

If the cast of Through The Wastelands have grown up and became adults.

Alien vs Predator (1994)

What if Alien vs Predator was made in the 90's?


Detective Jim Corrigan solves a murder mystery in New York City, Suddenly, he was brutally ...


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