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COBALT SHADE: DESTINY'S CODE by Tristan Hartup and Vin13ish

After defeating The Dark Mind and because he's gone, Everyone now remembers his parents as Superheroes than Supervillains. Tyler received an invitation from Destiny's Code Academy, A school that teaches a gifted youngsters to be Superheroes and happens to be Hannah's school. Hannah reveal Destiny's Code sent their undercover student to infiltrates Cobalt Shade Academy in order to convince the student to NOT become Supervillain. Tyler accept the invitation however Hannah is complained that even though Tyler defeat The Dark Mind, She still doesn't know about her father for unknown reason. Tyler decides to investigation about Hannah's Father and the ...

COBALT SHADE by Tristan Hartup, suggested by vin13ish

Teenage orphan Tyler Baxton through having enough of his neglectful and abusive aunt and uncle discovers that he has high levels of telekinesis. He runs away and by thinking that the world is in a wreck at the moment, Tyler tries create his superhero persona he calls "Catcher One". Until he is discovered by a mysterious man who calls himself "The Dark Mind", he tells Tyler that he is the son of two deceased supervillains who were considered the greatest in the world and offers him to enrol in Cobalt Shade Academy, a school for training gifted youngsters in pursuit ...

Birdman (Gender-Swapped) by Alejandro Gonzalez IƱarritu

What if Birdman was Gender-Swapped

LIFE IN CYCLONE CITY by Tristan Hartup

Chronicling a day in the lives of a select few living in Cyclone City, a supposed metropolis with a very high crime rate yet is under the protection of the godlike superhero Apex. (Notes: This movie is essentially The Office if it was set in a comic book universe. And the documentarian is to be played by a well known British comedian.) MPAA Rating: Rated R for language. CHARACTERS: Will Whitley - A young, introverted and quiet photojournalist working for Cyclone City's local paper The Daily Bannister, and is the secret identity of Apex (think Clark Kent meets Peter Parker.) ...

T.N.T: TERRORISTS, NOT TODAY by Tristan Hartup

When terrorists attempt to annihilate the free world, no nonsense taking and long suffering Major General Ace Bulletbiter ensembles four of world's greatest Action Stars to form an elite team to combat the forces of evil. Comparison Pitch: The Expendables meets Tropic Thunder meets Team America: World Police. MPAA Rating: Rated R for sequences of violence and mayhem throughout, and language. (Note: This movie is a satire of both action movies the profile of famous classic action heroes from the old days to nowadays, plus the action stars in this movie are playing themselves.) Other Characters: Rex Dangers - Main ...

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