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SILVER GEM I: THE LAST PROM by John Silver / Gemini-Silver

Suggested by Andrew Milito/PointMan528491, based on a trilogy of ideas I had in mind under the name: Silver Gem(ini). Other ideas are also kept in mind to the people who commented on my titles, so don't worry if I don't get to your ideas immediately. -- April - The last time for the students in high school. The Prom Night where the class in an urbanized Atlanta come together before graduation. But what they don't realize is how much Prom is a big deal when an offer is made by college students looking to crown the best King and Queen ...

OUR DIRECTOR IS A MAD MAN! by Vincent Garcia

A group of A-List actors begin to have disturbing suspicions about their director who just want to be friend with them Inspiration: The Cable Guy, American Psycho and Shadow of the Vampire Main Characters Max Wolfe- A mysterious and bizarre film director who want to be friends with A-list actors and he willing to kill anyone who inference his film! He is combination of Jim Carrey, Christian Bale and Willem Dafoe Jonathan McGee- A charismatic and cocky A-list actor who star in a lot of big budget films and he is unofficial leader of the group. He resembles young Kurt ...


After watching Transformers: The Last Knight, 2 guys are getting sick of same old Transformers movies and want to stop Michael Bay and Paramount from making more Transformers movies. Main Characters Ryan Peck- A hardcore Transformers fans who loved the cartoons become very disillusioned with the films and want to stop Michael Bay and Paramount from making more Transformers movie Barry Drake- Ryan's best friend who is NOT fan of Transformers movie and despises Michael Bay for making same old movies. Howard Nathanson- Greedy chairman of Paramount who loves money and want to make more Transformers Movies. He is like ...

Birdman (2024) by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Birdman made 10 years later.

Kick-Ass (2020) by Matthew Vaughn

What if Kick-Ass​ was made 10 years later.

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